Mats Eilertsen, Tore Brunborg, Thomas T Dahl, Hans Hulbækmo: Hymn For Hope

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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
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Editor's info:
Norwegian jazz bassplayer maestro Mats Eilertsen is back with a new album consisting of 13 songs of hope. The music is written by Mats Eilertsen, as well as some improvisations, and consist of an almost full 80 minutes of music representing a wide span of lyrical, thoughtful, melancholic, fierce, driving, swinging and playful music. Veteran Tore Brunborg contributes with amazing and really inspired playing on the saxophone, Thomas Dahl is intensely present wrapping his wear of guitar around the other instruments and delivering some amazing solos as well and drummer Hans Hulbaekmo is driving the whole thing forward with his inventive distinct, sparkling and light-flying drumming.

The record is a free-standing continuation of the works from the previous albums “Radio Yonder” (Hubro 2009) and “Skydive” (Hubro 2011) and is released on Eilertsen own new label Hemli. Mats Eilertsen has had a productive period the last few years with the release of the Mats Eilertsen Trio-album “And Then Comes the Night” (ECM 2019) – winning a Norwegian Grammy!, “Reveries And Revelations” (Hubro 2019), “Memorabilia” (NXN 2020) with Mats Eilertsen Trio together with Trio Mediaeval. This fall he will also be present on albums by Hakon Kornstad Trio (“For You Alone”, Jazzland), The Source (“Bend Them Down”, Grappa) and Trio Mediaeval (“Solarium”, 2L).

Tore Brunborg, sax
Thomas T Dahl, guitar
Hans Hulbækmo, drums
Mats Eilertsen, bass

1. Little Thug
2. Oscuro
3. K
4. Sunrise
5. Circle
6. Hymn For Hope
7. M
8. Sunday
9. August
10. Chiaro
11. Call
12. First
13. X

wydano: Dec 10, 2021
nagrano: Recorded NewTone Studio, Oslo Dec 2020



Hemli Records
Mats Eilertsen, Tore Brunborg, Thomas T Dahl, Hans Hulbækmo
Hymn For Hope
Double Bass
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