The Theater of Music, Marion Fermé: An Evening at the Theatre

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An Evening at the Theatre is a reconstruction of the musical part of a masque as it might have been performed in a London theatre around 1685. The English masque, inspired in part by the commedia dell'arte and French ballet, was a courtly entertainment combining instrumental music, dance, theatre, song and pantomime; it enjoyed its greatest popularity between 1560 and 1640, during the reigns of Elizabeth I and Charles I. English art music, John Playford’s country dances and Scottish folk music had their place in the same musical event. The antemasque, a ‘Spectacle of Strangeness’, where grotesque costumes and exaggerated gestures by professional actors were used to embody witches, furies and exotic animals, was played in the midst of the performance. Our programme bears the traces of this courtly musical heritage but is set in a later period during which musical styles were in transition.

Marion Fermé, Jeanne Zaepffel (soloist), Yvan Garcia, Isabelle Brouzes, Sandrine Dupé
The Theater of Music

anon.: John come kiss me now
Hume: Loves farewell
Lawes: Eerste Carileen
Lawes: Tweede Carileen
Matteis the Elder: Aria ad imitatione della trombetta
Matteis the Elder: Arietta
Matteis the Elder: Corrente da orecchie - Corrente da piedi
Matteis the Elder: Gavotta con divisione
Matteis the Elder: Giga: Al Genio Turchesco
Matteis the Elder: Il Rossignolo
Matteis the Elder: La Constanza
Matteis the Elder: Passagio Rotto
Matteis the Elder: Sarabanda amorosa
Matteis the Elder: Scaramuccia
Playford: A Dance
Playford: A Frolic
Playford: Coxe Dance
Playford: Goddesses
Playford: Hockley in the Hole
Playford: Kemps Jegg
Playford: Newcastle
Playford: O’Neil’s March
Playford: Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore
Playford: The Blackthorn Stick
Playford: The Country Coll
Playford: The fine companion
Playford: The Fox Hunter
Playford: The Merry Blacksmith

wydano: 2021-09
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Jacob van Eyck (c.1589-1657), Tobias Hume (1569–1645), William Lawes (1602–45), Matthew Locke (c.1622-77), Nicola Matteis (d.c.1695), John Playford (1623-86)
The Theater of Music, Marion Fermé
An Evening at the Theatre
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