Lars Lien, Sergej Osadchuk: Out of Step

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"This recording is the culmination of a process spanning several years, in which the performers delved into the works of composers found right in their own backyard. The facts are that all but one of the composers on this recording were born in the 1940s (the exception here is Mark Adderley, who was born in 1960). All of the composers are Norwegian, except for Anders Eliasson from Sweden and Adderley, who is half English, half Swedish, and has lived in Norway since 1981. Three of the composers have worked as professors at the Norwegian Academy of Music, an institution that has been at the forefront of the education of Norwegian composers since its establishment in 1973. These facts have not in themselves been instrumental in the choice of repertoire; rather it was more important that the works were composed for saxophone and piano, and that we as performers believed that they were works that deserved to be realized into sound, and given attention beyond their catalog listings in various music libraries. The works become audible and alive through such a recording, rather than existing only as visual notations in the composers’ manuscripts. There is so much fantastic music created in Norway and the Nordic countries that we wanted to bring some of it to light in order to make musicians and audiences, potentially all over the globe, more aware of the high quality of works from these countries. The recording also documents some of the different artistic directions and variations to be found among Norwegian and Nordic composers around the turn of the millennium."
by Lars Lien

Lars Lien plays the remarkably challenging music with pinpoint technical execution and a rich, attractive, singing tone. Sergej Osadchuk, a “student and assistant to Emil Gilels,” is likewise impressive. Any of these works, heard on its own, has the potential to reward and engage.

Lars Lien, Sergej Osadchuk

Adderley, M: Out of Step
Olav Anton Thommessen, Olav Anton Thommesen: Somber Song
Bjørn Kruse: The Secret of Gyda
Søderlind: Friesische Landschaft
Eliasson: Poem
Berg, O: Saxifraga

wydano: 23 September 2022
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Lawo Classics
Mark Adderley (b.1960), Olav Berg (b.1949), Anders Eliasson (1947–2013), Ragnar Søderlind (b.1945)
Lars Lien, Sergej Osadchuk
Out of Step
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