Peter Rosendal: Old Mans Kitchen

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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
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kontynent: Europa
kraj: Dania
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Editor's info:
Pianist Peter Rosendal’s new CD, OLD MAN’S KITCHEN, is made up of many surprising and diverse ingredients, all used with humor, warmth and virtuosity.

You may encounter Rosendal all over the place. A versatile and popular musician, he performs in many settings. He readily agrees that he is inspired by all kinds of music ranging from traditional jazz and folk music – especially from Brazil - to modern jazz and classical music… and movies. The music on Rosendal’s charming and playful CD are improvised “sound tracks” for movies. We mean this literally: Rosendal has a computer on top of his piano. “I simply play. I accompany what I see. This is how I empty my mind, and this is how I create space for new thoughts and ideas. I let the music flow along without any preconceived direction. Sometimes there are things I can use, and I memorize them and write them down to develop them, write arrangements and voices for various instruments, etc.”

For OLD MAN’S KITCHEN, Peter Rosendal chose violin, trombone and clarinet as the melody instruments, because he enjoys working with voices. The idea grew out of his interest in classical wind quartets, where it is common to combine diverse instrumental sounds. This may read as a dry experiment, but that’s not what it sounds like at all. On OLD MAN’S KITCHEN Rosendal has worked more with sound than style, and the album combines humor and groove in a wonderful mixture of this, that and everything. Peter Rosendal found his spices and components on every shelf of the kitchen cupboard. Here and there we find ingredients we erroneously thought were stale, some are made of plastic, others are in fancy, decorated tins, some are frozen, and must be defrosted. There are fresh meats, juicy steaks, coffee, cakes, vegetables, baked beans, an exotic sauce, strange spices, salt and pepper, and a few forgotten preserves from the back of the highest shelf. However, an experienced gourmet of Peter Rosendal’s stature knows that no ingredient must go to waste. He also knows that ultimately, the tasty result is determined by how the components are combined, even when the dish itself is not immediately recognizable. A good cook works with surprises, and likewise, a good composer and musician works with the unexpected.

Rosendal chose a handful of Denmark’s finest musicians to create his banquet: clarinetist Peter Fuglsang, violinist Kristian Jorgensen, trombonist Peter Jensen, bassist Kaspar Vadsholt and drummer Jeppe Gram. Peter Rosendal plays a collection of pianos including electric pianos (Wurlitzer and Fender Rhodes), melodica and the flugabone. The what?! Indeed, a rare horn that sounds somewhat like a trombone, the flugabone was originally invented to replace the trombone in the confined space of marching bands. When 35-year old Peter Rosendal received the prestigious grant from the Danish Arts Foundation, the committee motivated its choice with the following statement: “[That Peter Rosendal] is a versatile musician, is beyond all doubt. However, it is especially his thematic gift, which constantly makes halt, listen, and finally declare him one of the most unique and original talents of our time.”

OLD MAN’S KITCHEN is Peter Rosendal’s third release for Stunt Records. TIDE from 2008, received the award for Best Danish Jazz Release 2008, and the music monthly Gaffa called it “one of the most talented and artistically gifted albums from our part of the world in recent times”. The Brazilianinfluenced PICA PAU from 2010 inspired rave reviews, including one that called it “a surplus of surplus”. Several years have passed since Rosendal exploded on the music scene with a trio recording with bassist Mads Vinding and drummer Morten Lund, and since then things have moved fast. He has recorded with trios, solo, with expanded line-ups, and as a sideman on many recordings and stages in Denmark and abroad. Alongside his own groups, Jesper Thilo, Leroy Jones, Charles Tolliver, Lillian Boutté, Thomas Fryland, Cecil McBee, Veronica Mortensen, Sinne Eeg and the Danish Radio Big Band have all enjoyed his versatile talents. He is also a regular and considerable asset to the extremely popular Six City Stompers.

OLD MAN’S KITCHEN features the composer and musician – and fortunately also the humorist - Peter Rosendal. All his talents are unfolded with virtuosity and playfulness. The CD adds yet a chapter to a career that is always on the move in new and surprising directions.

Peter Rosendal: piano, Wurlitzer, Fender Rhodes, melodica, flugabone, percussion
Kristian Jorgensen: violin
Peter Fuglsang: clarinet
Peter Jensen: trombone
Kaspar Vadsholt: bass
Jeppe Gram: drums

1. Chrysanthemum
2. Crescent
3. Sabotage
4. Gold Fever
5. Funny Dance
6. Old Man’s Kitchen
7. The Rabbit
8. Saltomortale
9. Carousel
10. Bamboo
11. Winter Is Coming
12. Gravel

wydano: 2012-10
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Stunt Records (DK)
Peter Rosendal
Old Mans Kitchen
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