Renaud Garcia-Fons: Cinematic Double Bass [2CD]

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Indie Jazz / Ethno Jazz
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For a long time now jazz and cinema have been inseparable; particularly in the « films noirs » of the 50’s and 60´s. Faithfully following the tradition, Renaud Garcia-Fons has composed and performed this album reveling in the wide sonic scope of the double bass.
Collections of Music around the Double Bass dedicated to images presented by Cezame Music Agency.

Renaud Garcia-Fons: 5 string double basses, percussions, voice, keyboards.
Stéphan Caracci: drums, vibraphone.
Solea Garcia-Fons: voice

All compositions and arrangements by Renaud Garcia-Fons
All compositions published by Frédéric Leibovitz éditeur
Video by Nicolas Dattilesi (Koala Prod)
Cover illustrations by Aurel inspired by a Jan Scheffner’s photo

Renaud García-Fons: Double Bass, Percussion, Voice, Keyboards
Stéphan Caracci: Drums, Vibraphone
Solea García-Fons: Voice

CD1 - In A Jazzy Mood
1. Breakneck Speed
2. Across The Golden Gate
3. Small Screen Girls
4. Jungle Drums Swinging Bass
5. The Thrill Of The Chase
6. Film Noir Blues
7. The Suspense Is Killing
8. Whistle By Night
9. Motor Town Groove
10. Close Up View
11. Snap 'n' Scat
12. On The Prowl Again
13. Silver Fingers
14. Down Home Blues
15. Easy As Pie
16. City Of Embers
17. Good Time Swing
18. Waiting For Nothing At All
19. Running Scared
20. Like A Déja Vu
21. Window Shopping
22. Detective Movie Addiction

CD2 - In A Spirit Of Travel
1. Travel Wide Travel Wild
2. Nowruz Celebration
3. Savanna Rainfall
4. Long Distance Run
5. Jewish Tarantella
6. Lemurian Groove
7. Global Village Dweller
8. Soledad Del Exilio
9. Imaginary Folk Dance
10. Djumbo Steps
11. The Open Road
12. City Night Stalking
13. Bossa Nicely
14. Invitation Au Voyage
15. No More Moarnin’
16. Narita Express
17. Lce And Fire
18. Towards A New World
19. Unknown Adventure
20. Desert Reflection
21. Beyond The Dream
22. Going Home

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Renaud Garcia-Fons
Cinematic Double Bass [2CD]
Double Bass
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