Nicholas Remondino: Ocra Rosa

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Free Improv / Avant-Garde
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opakowanie: Gatefoldowe etui

Editor's Info:
We cultivate a garden of dust, whose fruits will nourish a body of silence.
The first inspiration for this recording produced discontinuous weaves, segments in a free state, creating a poetic environment through a network of correspondences. In this music it’s clear that the writing is not following the material, instead it’s the writing that requires the material, invoking it, selecting it in accordance with the moods of the musician/the one who acts and presiding over his unique vision of the world, sharing it.
Without real subdivisions or marked transitions, we are exposed to an enigmatic movement in which gestures and actions intersect, all on the same level, without hierarchies. In continuity with the background and the form, the music unfolds independently of any binding metric scheme. The rhythm here is breath, spaces, metaphors, fugitive reminiscences.
In this recording Nicholas Remondino puts in place a network of dispositions, of savoir-faire’s, of codes. These actions are not generic. There is no conscious reality of dispositions here. They exist and sleep somewhere and reveal themselves through a thinking body and its multiple memories.
Just the precise attention that he devotes to a sound or a particular movement gives life to a unique aspect of this endless potential of arrangements.
This music certainly doesn’t propose a passive reception, so much so that the listener is solicited by a flow.
There is no way to appropriate what passes through us at any given moment. It is precisely an act without conditions, without any possible form of capitalization.” Michel Doneda

Nicholas Remondino - prepared drums

1. each 03:21
2. falling 04:26
3. st ick 04:06
4. is 02:19
5. a 02:36
6. necessary 04:26
7. gesture 02:17
8. every 05:08
9. sonic 03:13
10. action 02:46
11. being 03:26
12. perfectly 04:10
13. voluntary 03:02
14. and 02:29
15. with 03:23
16. it´s 00:53
17. own 03:02
18. dignity 03:10

wydano: October 20, 2023
nagrano: Recorded, mixed and mastered by Manuel Volpe at Rubedo - Recordings (Turin)

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Nicholas Remondino
Ocra Rosa
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