Ton Koopman, Klaus Mertens: Johann Sebastian Bach: Geistliche Lieder

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Editor's info:
Only from the mid-1730s does Bach seem to be concerned with composing songs to contemporary lyrics. We find such a small series especially in the second piano booklet for Anna Magdalena Bach. He and his wife composed some "new songs" that certainly enriched everyday life in the family, such as making music together in the evening or prayers at home with their children. Among these six songs, there are especially those whose lyrics provide comfort.
The songs of the musical hymnbook have been given their title "Schemelli-Lieder" after the editor Georg Christian Schemelli (around 1680–1762). Schemelli is certainly responsible for the main selection of 954 songs and thus also for the selection of Bach settings to music.
The publication was titled Musicalisches Gesang-Buch (Musical Hymnbook) and contains 954 "witty, both old and new songs and arias, with well-set melodies, in discant and bass". In the preface of April 24 , 1736, the Naumburg superintendent Friedrich Schulze wrote the following:
The melodies contained in this Musicalisches Gesang-Buch are by Johann Sebastian Bach, Master of the Chapel Choir and Choir Conductor. Musicians in Leipzig, partly composed completely new, partly also improved by him in the basso continuo.
Of 69 songs with (mostly) figured bass, 21 are hymnologically detectable for the first time in this printing. Exactly these 21 songs were therefore taken as the basis for the selection here from the Musicalisches Gesang-Buch in addition to the mentioned small selection from the second book of sheet music of Anna Magdalena Bach.
The order of the 21 selected songs for the present production was based on musical aspects, e.g., related key combinations between songs. The performers also made a subjective selection from the multitude of printed verses.

Ton Koopman (pipe organ)
Ton Koopman is a leading figure in Early Music and historically informed performance practice. As organist and harpsichordist Ton Koopman has performed all over the world and played the most beautiful historical instruments of Europe. His Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir has gained worldwide fame as one of the best ensembles on period instruments. Between 1994 and 2004 Ton Koopman and ABO&C have recorded all sacred and secular cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach, an extraordinary project that earned international acclaim. After that Koopman recorded the complete works by Bach’s predecessor, Dieterich Buxtehude. Besides performing as a soloist and with his ABO&C, Ton Koopman is very active as a guest conductor for modern orchestras and also devotes part of his time to teaching. Ton Koopman is president of the International Dieterich Buxtehude Society and, since 2019, president of the Leipzig Bach Archiv.

Klaus Mertens (bass-baritone)
Bass-baritone Klaus Mertens is celebrated by critics as an “excellent master of his craft” for his “unique power of expression, his congenial timbre, his keen intuition for text, as well as his convincing manner of making music”. He has recorded more than 200 CDs, including the entire works of Johann Sebastian Bach and Dietrich Buxtehude. These testify eloquently to his art of singing, which spans a great arch from Monteverdi to his contemporaries. Characterized as “the most significant Telemann interpreter of our time”, Mertens received the Telemann prize of the city of Magdeburg in 2016. In 2019, he was honored with the renowned Bach medal of the city of Leipzig as the “ideal interpreter of Bach’s cantatas and passion texts”.

Ton Koopman (pipe organ)
Klaus Mertens (bass-baritone)

J S Bach: Chorale Prelude BWV1092 'Herr Gott, nun schleuss den Himmel auf'
J S Bach: Chorale Prelude BWV1095 'O Lamm Gottes, unschuldig'

total time - 61:10
wydano: 20 October 2023
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Challenge Classics
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Ton Koopman, Klaus Mertens
Johann Sebastian Bach: Geistliche Lieder
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