Roos Meijer, Residentie Orkest the Hague: Stories of Change

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Indie Jazz / Vocal Jazz
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Songwriter Roos Meijer takes inspiration for her music from societal issues and unheard voices of people around the world. Her EP ‘Maktub’ tells the real stories of people she met who have had to seek refuge from war, and her album ‘Why Don’t We Give It A Try?’ was inspired by conversations she had with change-makers. In creating a voice for other people than herself in her music, she aims to challenge herself constantly in her writing. By putting herself in someone else’s shoes, she hopes to share with the world unheard stories of great importance.

In 2019, Roos applied for a scholarship to the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, to do her Masters in song writing in London. Sven Arne Tepl, director of the Residentie Orkest, was one of the commission members who decided which musicians were eligible to receive this grant. Sven was so touched by her music that he invited Roos to be part of her own Symphonic Junction concert with the Residentie Orkest. Of course, Roos didn’t have to think twice before accepting this incredible honour and opportunity. According to Sven, the authenticity and vulnerability that Roos shows as an artist, combined with the impact of her lyrics, has an immediate effect when listening to her music. Self-willed and honest.

De krenten uit de pop, 17-6-2023
"The Residentie Orkest provides Roos Meijer's songs with particularly beautiful sounds, after which the musician from The Hague sings wonderfully. Stories Of Change is 45 minutes long of an almost frightening beauty and underlines the enormous talent of Roos Meijer."

Roos Meijer (vocals)

Ghaeth Almaghoot (clarinet)
Anne Lieke Heusinkveld (piano)
Remy de Boer (drums)
Robin de Geus (guitar)
Evi Bosman (vocals)

Residentie Orkest The Hague

01. Intro 00:43
02. Why Don't We Give It a Try? 03:21
03. In My Name 03:25
04. Stuck in the Night 04:33
05. All That We Have 03:34
06. I Dream of a World 03:12
07. To Be Free 04:42
08. Interlude 03:00
09. Bigger Than Me 05:19
10. Dream In The Downpour 04:13
11. Brother 03:44
12. Stories of Change 04:41

wydano: 2023-05
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Roos Meijer, Residentie Orkest the Hague
Stories of Change
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