Oilly & Johannes Wamberg Wallace: Mosaique

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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Dania
opakowanie: Gatefoldowe etui

Editor's info:
Oilly Wallace (b. 1996) and Johannes Wamberg (b. 1991) are celebrated as two of the greatest young talents on the contemporary Danish jazz scene, but before the public found them, they had already found each other. They have known each other for years and their friendship comes through in their truly special symbiotic interplay. It is as if their sound reflects a true friendship; a place in which there is space for both playfulness and sensitivity, melancholia and pure joy.

In October 2016 they released their critically acclaimed debut LP, ‘Easy Living’, which was one of the most played records on Danish Radio P8 Jazz and they have now been in the studio yet again and a whole new record, consisting of their own compositions, alongside carefully selected standards, now finally sees the light of day, here in October 2020, by way of April Records. This new album is entitled ‘Mosaïque’ and is produced by Oilly Wallace, Johannes Wamberg and Jonathan Bremer and is recorded at Bremer’s Voodoo Bug Studios.

Describing the record in their own words, the two young musicians say:
“Our new record is the fruit of one year’s work in the studio, where we have refined our consonance and our repertoire, and pursued the narrative that lies within our musical vision. One could say that we have cut to the bone and have dived deeper into our own sound.”
And in the leftover bone there is a marrow. And its substance there are mature blood cells. Boys have become men and the music has aged, just like good wine.

Oilly Wallace – Saxophone and flute
Johannes Wamberg - Guitar
Daniel Franck – Bass on ‘Brother’
Frands Rifbjerg – Drums on ‘Brother’

1. Mosaïque 04:45
2. Christina 02:21
3. Vermilion 00:52
4. I Wish I Knew 02:27
5. Gentle 01:19
6. This Little Town is Paris 03:52
7. Brother 06:43
8. Beverly 00:43
9. Une Histoire de Plage 01:52
10. Two Sleepy People 02:50
11. Up Jumped Spring 03:07
12. Never Let Me Go 02:02
13. Forbi 00:54

wydano: Oct 7, 2022
nagrano: Recorded at Voodoo Bug Studios by Jonathan Bremer



April Records (DK)
Oilly & Johannes Wamberg Wallace
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