Kalaha / Hilal Kaya & Aarhus Jazz Orchestra: Tutku

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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Dania
opakowanie: Gatefoldowe etui

Editor's info:
Supported by the world-renowned Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, multi-award winning quartet Kalaha present Tutku, an energetic fusion of jazz, Turkish psychedelic rock and 80’s inspired synth-pop.
Out August 26th on April Records, their most ambitious and adventurous record yet album pairs the self branded “Danish band with world roots” with a big band committed to embracing innovative contemporary jazz and guest star vocalist Hilal Kaya.
Formed after an improvised set at 2013’s STRØM Festival in Copenhagen, the four members that make up Kalaha share a collective passion for collaboration and an open-minded approach to music making.
Each being active members of different corners of the Danish music scene, the result of their combined musical personalities is refreshingly modern cross between thoughtful songwriting and high level jazz-minded musicianship.
While their 2021 release ‘Mystafa’ saw them collaborate with a number of vocalists, ‘Tutku’ sees the entrancing vocals of Danish/Turkish artist Hilal Kaya as the focal point of the record.
Grounded by the driving sounds of Anatolian rock, the nine track work weaves between folk, spiritual jazz, and even disco, serving up a wealth of danceable grooves and rich harmony. Produced by Kalaha themselves, the production style shifts between the close, modern sound of a pop outfit and the expansive, reverberated sound of a 20 piece ensemble.
Soaring over the top of AJO’s intricate ensemble arrangements are an expansive network of electronic sounds, carefully designed and played by two of Denmark’s leading synthesists, Jens “Rumpistol” B. Christiansen and Mikael “Spejderrobot” Elkjær.
With careers including international recognition from UK trendsetter Gilles Peterson, their immersive sound-world of melodic synth solos and explosive dub-tinged sound effects transform Tutku into a large ensemble record unlike any other.
Completed by legendary drummer Emil de Waal and in-demand guitarist Niclas Knudsen, Kalaha’s striking and colourful visual identity shares the Middle Eastern influence of their music and enhances the psychedelic nature of their songs, invoking otherworldly imagery in the listeners’ minds and rounding Tutku off as a cohesive, well thought out recorded statement.

Niclas Knudsen – Guitars
Emil de Waal – Drums and Percussion
Jens “Rumpistol” B. Christiansen – Keyboards, Programming, Electronics & Vocals
Mikael “Spejderrobot” Elkjær – Synthesizers and Programming

Lead vocals:
Hilal Kaya

Aarhus Jazz Orchestra:
Jens. Christian Chappe Jensen: Conductor

Kati Brien
Johan Toftegaard Knudsen
Michael Bladt
Cesar Joaniquet
Michael Olsen

Lars Vissing
Thomas Fryland
Lars Søberg Andersen
Hans Christian Ilskov Erbs

Jonas Lindh
Tobias Stavngaard
Jonathan Bruun Meyer
Niels Jacob Nørgaard
Lars Peder Brinks Sørensen
Niels-Ole Bo Johansen

Guest musicians:
Electric bass on Deva by Lasse Michelsen
Backing vocals on Çok Küstüm by Orhan Ozgür Turan
Backing vocals on Laga Luga by Feyyaz Öztufan

Big band arrangements:
Tutku by Olga Witte
Çok Küstüm by Tom Irvine
Dinle Dünya by Leon Danielsen
Deva by Lasse Michelsen
Evliya by Anna Bignami
Disko Yolu by Søren Bang Rasmussen
İnce İnce by Simon Buhl Sørensen
Laga Luga by Laura Veltri
Ekmek Fabrik by Thorbjørn Ingemann Lervig

1. Tutku 02:44
2. Çok Küstüm 04:31
3. Dinle Dünya 04:38
4. Deva 04:10
5. Evliya 06:07
6. Disko Yolu 06:32
7. Ince Ince 04:16
8. Laga Luga 04:30
9. Ekmek Fabrik 04:52

wydano: Sep 16, 2022
nagrano: Recorded by John Fomsgaard in Lundgaard Studios, Denmark, January 10th-12th 2022



April Records (DK)
Kalaha / Hilal Kaya & Aarhus Jazz Orchestra
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