Katharina Weber: In Marta's Garden

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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Fred Frith describes the Swiss pianist Katharina Weber as a “piano icon”. The classically trained pianist and composer moves in the large world of today‘s music, where borders no longer exist and new music and jazz improvisation merge. 12 years after her celebrated solo CD Woven Time. In Márta‘s Garden is her second solo album. The musical framework is formed by two piano pieces by György Kurtág dedicated to Márta Kurtág and at the centre is his composition “... eine Wanderung mit Robert Walser ...”. The exchange with the Kurtágs, which has now lasted three decades, has left intensive traces in Katharina Weber‘s work - as a performer, as an improviser and as a composer. “Tall grass, gently moved by the summer wind. An image that is always changing, moving in detail, only seemingly monochromatic. Like György Kurtág, Katharina Weber creates her own sound cosmos. Full of shimmering, delicate flowers, buzzing bees. Inspired by intimate listening in meditative contemplation, not shying away from tonality, but emphasising colour, tonal tensions and overtones – at the same time an invitation and space for deeper listening, pondering, spinning forth,” writes Nina Polaschegg in the liner notes.

Katharina Weber: Piano

1. Hommage À Kurtág Márta (Játékok III György Kurtág) 0:54
2. Extemporale I (Katharina Weber) 1:53
3. One More Animal For Márta's Garden (Joining Judit Kurtág's Exhibition) (Katharina Weber) 1:38
4. Extemporale II (Katharina Weber) 3:04
5. Für Márta Kurtág zum 90. Geburtstag (Katharina Weber) 2:25
6. Extemporale III (Katharina Weber) 2:33
7. Für György Kurtág zum 88. Geburtstag (Katharina Weber) 2:10
8. Extemporale IV (Katharina Weber) 4:49
9. Quasi Campane 3 (Katharina Weber) 3:10
10. Extemporale V (Katharina Weber) 1:48
11. Jimbo's Little Revenge (Katharina Weber) 1:33
12. Extemporale VI (Katharina Weber) 3:27
13. Im Gedenken An Márta Kurtág (Katharina Weber) 3:49
14. Extemporale VII (Katharina Weber) 3:44
15. Ein Winken Von Ferne (Katharina Weber) 2:20
16. Extemporale VIII (Katharina Weber) 3:44
17. ... Windhauch In Den Blättern ... (Katharina Weber) 3:17
18. Extemporale IX (Katharina Weber) 2:54
19. ... Eine Wanderung Mit Robert Walser (György Kurtág Játékok IX) 5:15

wydano: September 2022
nagrano: Recorded by Michael Brändli at Werkstatt Gebrüder Bachmann in Wetzikon on April, 23 and 24 2022.

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Katharina Weber
In Marta's Garden
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