Laila Salome Fischer, Magnus Mehl, Il Giratempo: Talkin´ about Barbara

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Barokowa Muzyka Klasyczna / Muzyka Wokalna
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Venice 1600 – The age that witnessed the birth of opera as we know it today also saw the emergence of a liberal, secular musical culture. The polyphonic rigor of earlier times gave way to expressive solo voices and breathtakingly virtuoso instrumental music. Composers were able to have a career outside the restrictions of the church. Young musicians, painters and Bohemians took the salons of the rich elites by storm. Barbara Strozzi, composer as well as acclaimed singer, became one of the leading voices of her generation. A true child of Venice, the lagoon city became a supportive home for her art. Her works reflect the adventurous spirit of a musical world moving towards a new era. In their musical journey, mezzo-soprano Laila Salome Fischer and jazz saxophonist Magnus Mehl revive the Venice 1600 Zeitgeist of awakening and discovery. Backed by the exciting baroque ensemble Il Giratempo, Magnus Mehl translates the ancient tunes and rhythms into his very own musical language.

Laila Salome Fischer: mezzosopran
Magnus Mehl: saxophone
Ensemble Il Giratempo

1. Barbara Strozzi: Lagrime mie 12:26
2. Barbara Strozzi: Amor dormiglione 02:56
3. Barbara Strozzi: Sonata sopra „Hor che’l ciel e la terra“ 06:52
4. Barbara Strozzi: Illustratevi, o cieli (Il ritorno d‘Ulisse in patria, Act 5, Penelope) 02:33
5. Barbara Strozzi: È pazzo il mio core 06:54
6. Barbara Strozzi: Amarilli, mia bella 03:05
7. Barbara Strozzi: Al fonte, al prato 04:16
8. Barbara Strozzi: Anchor che col partire 03:30
9. Barbara Strozzi: Ciaccona 07:51
10. Barbara Strozzi: Sì dolce è’l tormento 04:50
11. Barbara Strozzi: Sete pur fastidioso 03:18

wydano: 22 April 2022
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Perfect Noise
Barbara Strozzi
Laila Salome Fischer, Magnus Mehl, Il Giratempo
Talkin´ about Barbara
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