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Sofa: Source Crossfire [Vinyl 2LP 180g]

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Post Punk / Indie Rock / Muzyka alternatywna
premiera polska:
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: Gatefoldowe etui

Editor's info:
A searing, brooding collection documenting the recorded output of one of Montreal's most shadowy, notorious, captivating underground art.-rock ensembles of the mid-90s (and the first band to be released on renowned indie label Constellation). In the words of one music writer of the era: “Like Slint and Big Black meeting for a Joy Division reunion.” Source Crossfire rounds up the quartet’s 1997 album Grey (originally released on CD only) along with selections from two prior self-released cassettes, charting Sofa’s febrile evolution through the sonic palettes of North American post-hardcore and slowcore admixed with early UK post-punk, goth and dark lounge. LP1 re-imagines Grey, newly sequenced to create distinct loud/fast and soft/slow vinyl sides. LP2 mirrors this, with four tracks of intense pitch-black material on Side One and three early examples of Sofa’s sombre balladry on Side Two, culled from the band’s 1995 cassettes Town Unsafe and Record. All remastered by Jace Lasek (Breakglass), Harris Newman (Greymarket) and Ian Ilavsky (Constellation). All new artwork by visual artist (and Sofa vocalist) Brad Todd. Source Crossfire aptly names the unique mix of genres and influences distilled in Sofa’s cauldron – a treat for fans from the era and for anyone interested in the fertile crosscurrents of UK + US post-punk, post-hardcore, slowcore, goth and art. Rock that spawned such a diverse slate of unsung bands with distinct energies, personalities, and hybrid sonic identities across so many local scenes in the 1990s.

"Source Crossfire is such an important release, as it gives us the best that Sofa have to offer." - Scene Point Blank

"In listening to how fearless, dynamic, and confidently they played together, Source Crossfire is indeed a surprising discovery, revealing one of Canada's most astounding bands and presenting their work with the majesty it deserves." - Exclaim

"It’s a retrospective that covers all bases, presented in the right fashion. The right way. In many respects, the ‘indie’ way." - Sun-13

2x180gLP heavyweight audiophile pressing from Optimal (Germany) in 350gsm gatefold jacket
plus 300gsm printed inner sleeves (all on Arktika artboard with LE-UV inks)
plus two 12"x24" pull-out art. Print posters.

Side 1 + Side 2 from 'Grey'
Originally released on compact disc by Constellation in spring 1997
Recorded by Iain Booth at Piccolo, Montréal, 5–6 October 1996
Mixed by Iain Booth and Sofa, November 1996
Tracking assistance by Denis Normandeau
Additional assistance by Paul Drouin

Side 3 + Side 4 from 'Town Unsafe' and 'Record'
Originally self-released on cassettes in spring and fall 1995
Recorded live to 2–track in an empty loft by Paul Drouin, Montréal, 5 February + 24–25 June 1995

Scott Clarkson: bass
Ian Ilavsky: guitar
Keith Marchand: drums
Brad Todd: voice

A1. Ch2Chi
A2. Stress
A3. Comma
A4. The Fence
A5. Monotone
B1. 80000
B2. Current
B3. Travel
B4. Medicine Hat
C1. Arclight
C2. City Of Laughter
C3. Just A Walk
C4. Regret
D1. Radio One
D2. So Around
D3. String Of Lights

total time - 78:11
wydano: 2021-09-17
more info: www.cstrecords.com



Constellation Records
Source Crossfire [Vinyl 2LP 180g]
Vinyl 2LP
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