Uday Bhawalkar, Romina Lischka, Anne Freitag, Romina Lischka and Hathor Consort, Hathor Consort: Dhrupad Fantasia

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Dhrupad is the oldest and purest genre within the North Indian classical music and can trace its origins to the recitation of Sanskrit texts in Hindu temples more than two thousand years ago. Dhrupad reached the Mughal courts in Rajasthan in the 16th century, where it developed into a classical art form. Dhrupad Fantasia is a meeting of the court music of Queen Elizabeth I of England with that of the Mughal emperor Akbar the Great; both monarchs reigned from about 1550 until 1600. Romina Lischka has created a wondrous fantasy in which the modality of Indian ragas is interwoven with the polyphony of Elizabeth I’s England. She, the Hathor Consort and dhrupad vocalist Uday Bhawalkar have created an imaginary world by combining improvisations based on modal ragas and polyphonic instrumental music, both of which originated in the art music of the aforementioned courts.

Uday Bhawalkar: dhrupad vocal & tanpura

Hathor Consort
Romina Lischka: bass viol, dhrupad vocal & direction

01. Raga Bhairavi: Alap 6:44
02. A Meditation / Captaine Humes Lamentation 5:31
03. Raga Bhairavi: Jod 5:29
04. In Nomine 5:20
05. Passion of Musicke 3:57
06. Raga Bhairavi: Jhala 4:02
07. When Daphne from fair Pheobus did fly 1:21
08. King of Denmark’s Galliard 2:11
09. Raga Bhairavi: Bandish 'Gyan mad mate‘ 7:53
10. Browning / Raga Bhimpalasi 3:26
11. Browning à 3 2:59
12. Pakhawaj Solo in Tal Chautal / Raga Bhimpalasi 5:52
13. Go nightly cares / Raga Bhairavi 2:04
14. Raga Kirvani / Greensleeves 6:57
15. Raga Maru / Now, o now 4:03
16. Nutmegs & Ginger / Raga Gaud Sarang 2:21
17. Raga Bihag: Bandish 'Madho Man Bhayo' / When May is in her prime 7:59

wydano: 25th Feb 2022
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Elway Bevin (c.1554-1638), John Dowland (1563-1626), Tobias Hume (c.1579-1645)
Uday Bhawalkar, Romina Lischka, Anne Freitag, Romina Lischka and Hathor Consort, Hathor Consort
Dhrupad Fantasia
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