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Vacuous Ninny is based somewhere in the North of England. he has been living there for a year•now, having returned from seven years in the scenic cultural backwater of Norwich, where•he worked as a Graphic Designer.•he produced a short film called CAREER OPPORTUNITIES FOR BIOMECHANICAL CYBORGS,•an absurd vision of a dystopian future where the machines have stolen all the jobs, which has•been shown in a number of animation festivals.•making electronic music since 1997, when he blew his grant and savings on a small studio•(EMU ESI4000 Sampler, Spirit F1 Mixer, Korg KAOSS Pad, BOSS SX700, Korg PROPHECY).•before that, he used to play drums in a band called SOURMOUTH doing GODFLESH and PITCH•SHIFTER covers!•his method of working is to sit down (very important!) and grab a handful of cassette tapes•picked at random from a box containing hundreds. "the tapes can include anything from•AUTECHRE, TORTOISE and MOUSE ON MARS to NAPALM DEATH, STOCKHAUSEN and•MADONNA. it really doesn't matter. I then play these tapes on a beaten old ghetto blaster•with a knackered EQ. it's completely fucked but gives everything a wonderfully warm and•compressed sound. i find a clean digital sample makes the music a little too cold. the signal•is then fed through a KORG KAOSS PAD to completely mash things up. i might flick across•to the radio, too, to cram as much information into a sample as possible. the more that•you have going on in a sample, the less control you have over it. As a result, the end•product 'the music' is far mor unpredictable."


Quatermass (BE)
Vacuous Ninny
Vacuous Ninnies
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