Copier/ Coller [2CD]

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Współczesna Elektronika
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Editor's info:
This project was initiated in September 1999 and presented at the "La Bâtie" festival in geneva, giving the audience an opportunity to see performances from such artists as to rococo rot, scanner, kreidler, dj olive, rehberg & bauer, stock hausen and walkman, david shea and vincent h‰nni. each artist worked on the same sound bank, provided by the young gods' franz treichler. this was an excellent opportunity to feel and see how these musicians, representing different techniques and approaches to sound and music, manipulate a common sound material. a second show took place in "Le Botanique" in brussels a few days later: once again, another magical night. the line-up in brussels was the same except vincent h‰nni was replaced by the duo bump & grind. this double album is an exceptional document of these very particular events, the only traces of the entire festival recordings, which is close to 6 hours of music! all the artists chose and edited what they considered to be the best of the sets.

There was during this evening something hidden in the dark.

featuring exclusive tracks of To Rococo Rot, Scanner, Kreidler, Rehberg & Bauer, David Shea, dj Olive, Stock Hausen & Walkman, Bump & Grind
wydano: 2000
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Quatermass (BE)
Różni Wykonawcy - feat. To Rococo Rot, Scanner, Kreidler, Rehberg & Bauer, David Shea, dj Olive, Stock, Hausen & Walkman, Bump & Grind
Copier/ Coller [2CD]
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