Sacred Bridges: Christian, Jewish and Muslim Psalm

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For thousands of years, the biblical Psalter has been the liturgical “heart” of the three main book religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Psalms announce the word of God and, simultaneously, contain the full range of human experience.

Jews, Christians and Muslims sing and listen to the same songs of lament and joy, confessions of sin, hymns of praise and adoration. In this project of the King’s Singers and Sarband, psalm settings by composers from three religions give an example of how psalms can be a source of spirituality, a political instrument, a link between tradition and modernity and, above all, a bridge connecting human beings.

"immaculate blend, perfect tuning and crystal diction ... Superb performances across the cultural divide show that great art transcends political differences. May thine enemy buy it also"
The Times

"A real gift to ... music lovers that need a special musical holiday gift"
Mid West Record Recap

"a fascinating, attractive, beautifully performed-album"

"A real gift to world beat music lovers that need a special musical holiday gift"
Mid West Record Recap

"perfectly judged and beautifully blended sound"
Classic FM Magazine

"An intriguing disc, and far more than a curiosity"
Early Music Review



Signum Classics
Ali Ufki, Claude Goudimel, Genevan Psalter, Jan Pieerszoon Sweelinck, Salamone Rossi Hebreo
The King's Singers & Saraband
Sacred Bridges
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