Brynjar Hoff, Kare Nordstoga: Gabriel's Oboe

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Muzyka Barokowa
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kontynent: Europa
kraj: Norwegia
opakowanie: Jewelcaseowe etui

Editor's Info
Gabriel's Oboe
A beautiful church recital from one of the foremost oboists.Remastered in 24bit 96kHz technology in 2004 for Simax release.Sit back and enjoy the heartfelt and beautiful playing of a true master of his art.. Brynjar Hoff's name is well known throughout the world of music, and his musicmaking continues to make lasting impressions on new listeners. On 'Gabriel's Oboe' he interprets well known classics, mixing older with more recent repertoire including soundtrack highlights.
- His tone is rich, yet never 'over-ripe', his phrasing is supple and musicianly and his individual use of vibrato exhibits taste as well as imagination. [CD Review]

Brynjar Hoff, oboe
Kare Nordstoga, organ

1. Work(S): Trumpet Tune (Attr. Purcell, H.)
2. Sonata For Oboe & Organ In C: Movement 1
3. Sonata For Oboe & Organ In C: Movement 2
4. Sonata For Oboe & Organ In C: Movement 3
5. Sonata For Oboe & Organ In C: Movement 4
6. Allein Gott In Der Höh Sei Ehr (VI), Chorale Prelude For Organ (Clavier-Übung III/8), BWV 676 (BC K8)
7. Meditation On Prelude No. 1 Of Bach, For Violin Or Cello & Piano With Organ Or Cello Ad Lib. (Or Other Instrumental Arrangement)
8. Bist Du Bei Mir, Aria Arranged For Voice & Continuo (After Gottfried Stölzel), BWV 508
9. Religious Folk Tunes (4) From Nord-More From Straumsnes
10. Religious Folk Tunes (4) From Nord-More From Straumsnes
11. Religious Folk Tunes (4) From Nord-More From Rindal
12. Religious Folk Tunes (4) From Nord-More From Nord-More
13. Panis Angelicus For Tenor, Organ, Harp, Cello & Bass
14. Jeg Lagde Mig Sa Sildig (I Lay Down So Late), Folk Song For Baritone & Male Chorus, Op. 30/1
15. Norwegian Folk Tune: Ifjol Gjet E Gjeitinn
16. Variations On A Norwegian Folk Tune: Eg Veit I Himmerik Ei Borg
17. Swedish Folk-Melodies (2) For Orchestra, No. 1, Allt Under Himmelens Fäste, Op. 27/1
18. Gabriel's Oboe, Theme From The Film 'The Mission'
19. Requiem For Soloists, Chorus & Orchestra: Pie Jesu
20. Agnus Dei, For Voice & Piano (Or Orchestra) (Intermezzo From L'arlésienne Suite No. 2/6, Arranged By Ernest Guirard)
21. Ore: Bridal March

wydano: 2004
nagrano: Recorded in Vålerengen Church, Oslo Norway, June 1995

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Simax Classics (NO)
Brynjar Hoff
Gabriel's Oboe
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