Cantiones Natalitiae. Kerst in de tijd van Rubens

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Muzyka Dawna
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kontynent: Europa
kraj: Holandia
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The Camerata Trajectina ensemble ('Utrecht Music Company', set up in 1974) has made a name for itself playing Dutch music from the Middle Ages through the 17th century. The nucleus of the ensemble consists of Hieke Meppelink (soprano), Nico van der Meel (tenor), Saskia Coolen (recorders, viol), Erik Beijer (viol, percussion) and Louis Peter Grijp (lute, cittern, artistic director), often joined by Sytse Buwalda (countertenor), Marcel Moester (baritone), Annelies van der Vegt or Antoinette Lohmann (baroque violin) and many other musicians.

The group's repertoire deals chiefly with themes and individuals from Dutch history. The ensemble took part in the National Commemorations of the Union of Utrecht (1979), William of Orange (1984), Constantijn Huygens (1987), the humanist Dirck Volkertszoon Coornhert (1990), the Peace of Westphalia (1998) and the Dutch East India Company (2002) and in commemorations of the poets Gerbrandt Adriaenszoon Bredero, Joost van den Vondel and the Frisian Gysbert Japix, and of the reformer Menno Simons and the Dutch Remonstrant Society. A special theme is the relationship between painting and music, in connection with the exhibitions Music and Painting (Hoogsteder, The Hague 1995), about Jan Steen (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam 1996) and Frans Hals and his contemporaries (Haarlem 2004). In 2005 Camerata celebrated the 500th anniversary of Jacob Obrecht's death with new lyrics for his liedekens by the famous Dutch poet Gerrit Komrij.

The ensemble has given hundreds of concerts: in the Netherlands (including many appearances in the Utrecht Early Music Festival), Belgium and many other European countries, in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Indonesia and Ghana. Camerata Trajectina has recorded more than 30 CDs of Dutch music for the labels Globe and Philips Classics.

Camerata Trajectina
Suze van Grootel: soprano
Michel Puissant: altus
Nico van der Meel: tenor
Tom Sol: baritone
Saskia Coolen: recorder, viola da gamba
Erik Beijer: viola da gamba
Louis Peter Grijp: theorbe, lute
Ursula Dütschler: organ
Mieneke van der Velden: viola da gamba
Mark Vondenhoff: trumpet
Will Wroth: trumpet
Fritz Heller: cornet
Martin Lubenow: cornet
Sayuri Yamagata: violin
Staas Swierstra: violin
Daniel Bruggen: recorder
David Mings: bassoon

1. O Shepherds, Leave Your Goats and Sheep
2. Amor Jesu Dulcissime
3. Praise to That Sweet Little Child
4. Beata Immaculata
5. O Blessed and Holy Bethlehem
6. There Fell a Heavenly Dew
7. Puer Nobis Nascitur
8. Puer Natus In Bethleem
9. With This New Year
10. O Quam Amabilis
11. Resonet In Laudibus
12. Dies Est Laetitiae
13. Where Is Zion's Daughter
14. How Thou Liest Here In Such Cold
15. See How Jesus Cries
16. Shepherds, He Is Born
17. O Electa Caeli Rosa
18. Hurry, O Shepherds
19. O Unexpected Wonder
20. Never Was There a Sweeter Night
21. Ssh, Little One, Ssh
22. Ah, Do I Find You Here In a Stall

total time - 64:00
wydano: 2010-11-15

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Camerata Trajectina
Cantiones Natalitiae. Kerst in de tijd van Rubens
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