Damien Jurado: Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son

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Indie Pop / Alt Country / Alternatywa
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: Triplefoldowe etui

Editor's Info:
Damien is out of his goddamn mind.
This isn’t a recent development, but it’s an important aspect of his work that often goes ignored. In place of this key element is the idea that his music is a sober and in-depth excavation of the American landscape and rural psyche. Well, folks, I’m sorry, but it’s not.
Damien Jurado is every character in every Damien Jurado song. He is the gun, the purple anteater, the paper wings, the avalanche, the air show disaster, Ohio, the ghost of his best friend’s wife. It is a universe unto its own, with it’s own symbolism, creation myth, and liturgy. You might go as far as to call it a religion, and your religion is a character in his religion.
Level with me. You're reading this because of Damien Jurado’s new album, 'Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son' (produced by Richard Swift). You are a progressive minded, left-leaning person who in parlor-style conversation regarding the globo-political ramifications of Sky Person relationships laughs knowingly so as not to be judgmental and very reasonably concedes “Well, I don’t believe He’s some old man with a beard sitting up in the clouds” at which point everyone agrees on [insert benign middle-ground] and moves on.
Consider this: What if the only way to understand a religion is to create your own?
Who is this Silver community? Where the hell are they in the Bible? Is this heresy? Agnostic reference? Isn’t this sun business a little, I don’t know, animistic? Pagan? Go ahead and answer that question for yourself. I’ll give you a second.
Do you understand the music any better?
You know that adage we all use so we have something to say while we shrug our shoulders? “People change”? That one. Is that applicable to Jesus Christ? Maybe he’s been on a personal journey of discovery since he ascended. He went through the 60’s, 70’s, he turned on, tuned out, got disillusioned. Why can’t we talk about that Jesus? Does it have to be the old-timey one all the time? American folk Jesus, ugh. The one who’s always winning Best Soundtrack Oscars for people. Rarely do stories of faith make us identify with Jesus. It’s Abraham, Satan, Silver Timothy, Salome, Dr. J, Saul of Tarsus; divinely imperfect brothers and sisters who give Gawd something to do.
Damien Jurado made up his own Jesus because a Damien Jurado album needs a beautiful Jesus. Some freaky space Jesus that I don’t recognize. The name is the same, a lot of the imagery is the same, but he’s reborn. Born again, I mean. Yeah, as if Jesus got born again. That’s what this album sounds like.
Jesus is out of his goddamn mind and I want to live in Damien’s America.
Sign me up.
Father John Misty; 09-20-2013

Damien Jurado: guitar, vocal
Joe Plumber: Bongos, Percussion

1. Magic Number 03:08
2. Silver Timothy 03:16
3. Return To Maraqopa 02:48
4. Metallic Cloud 03:25
5. Jericho Road 03:40
6. Silver Donna 06:06
7. Silver Malcolm 03:21
8. Silver Katherine 03:25
9. Silver Joy 03:07
10. Suns In Our Mind 02:1

wydano: January 21, 2014
nagrano: Recorded at National Freedom Studios, Cottage Grove, Oregon, US

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Secretly Canadian (CA)
Damien Jurado
Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son
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