Wadada Leo Smith: The Emerald Duets [5CD]

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Editor's Info:
"the creative musician delivers an expression or musical thought at the very instant that the idea is [inspired] conceived. the artist must have the ability to instantaneously organize sound, silence and rhythm into structure and form with the whole of his or [and] her creative intelligence."
"the total life experience is drawn from including the faculties of right reasoning and the make-up of the artist´s psychological and physiological profile."
"all of these factors will determine what is actually being expressed at the moment of [inspiration]conception/and creating."
From notes (8 pieces): source a new world music: creative music, 1973, New Haven, CT.
Inspiration is the event of authenticity, which brings an influx of new information and creates new memory. It is a solitary moment that exists prior to creating a musical work or an art-object. It occurs before the artist begins to think about or reflect on the essential elements of a new work.
It´s a moment that is a quiet fire, filled with an energetic spark that lights up a ritualistic space that might be imaged as a thin layer of particles touching the core of creation where within a split second the artist experiences a fresh acquisition of new information which must be transferred into an art-object.
Inspirational energy carries no weight nor reveals any resistant motion.
Before the artist is inspired that moment is already present inside of him and her and it is felt and known. Otherwise, there can be no artist or art.
What is that and where does it come from?
It´s the untraceable unseen inspiration recognized as coming from everywhere and from within everything that is known and unknown.
It´s the seed and sight of pure awareness experienced and realized without interference.
Inspiration is close to light in nature but different, the former being the "object" discovered and the latter being the light that exposes the "object."
It´s a pure seed, a splendor of awareness experienced and realized directly and only witnessed by the person in the present moment.
In creative art making and other performative art activities, the Inspirational moment is unique. It brings a code of new information, and a dream/discovery energy at play.
The artist engraves with that inspired material which is essential to the art-object and its vitality as a work of art.
Next, transferring that energy into a creative form.
And the practice and shaping of the information into an art-object.
Afterwards conditioning the score for public exhibition through preparation, an individual act, rehearsal, the re-hearing and putting into place the musical properties as conceived; and the performance and recording.
These stages are defined as reflection, meditation, research-based and realization.
Think of the art-object and ensemble as performance.
All art practices are performative.
Writing, painting, oratory, dancing, composing/performing and listening.
New Haven, Connecticut, March 21, 2022
Wadada Leo Smith

Wadada Leo Smith trumpet and piano
Pheeroan akLaff drums (DISC 1)
Andrew Cyrille drums (DISC 2)
Han Bennink drums and percussion (DISC 3)
Jack DeJohnette drums, piano and Fender Rhodes (DISCS 4 and 5)

CD1 - Wadada Leo Smith & Pheeroan AkLaff - Litanies, Prayers And Meditations:
1-1 The Prayer (For Keith Jarrett) 13:31
1-2 First Meditation From The Heart: The Beauty, The Beloved 12:03
1-3 The Uyghur In Xinjiang, China 6:55
Rumi´s Masnavi: A Sonic Expression 13:43
1-8 A Sonic Litany On Peace 7:50
1-9 The Patriot Act, Unconstitutional And A Force That Destroys Democracy 11:17
1-10 A Sonic Litany On Justice 3:18
1-11 Second Meditation From The Heart: The Beloved, The Beauty 6:21

CD2 - Wadada Leo Smith & Andrew Cyrille - Havana, Cuba:
2-1 The Patriot Act, Unconstitutional And A Force That Destroys Democracy 10:48
2-2 Havana, The Maghrib Prayer And Reflections 10:42
2-3 United States Representative Ilhan Omar 3:52
2-4 Jeanne Lee: In A Jupiter Mood 6:28
2-5 Donald Ayler: The Master Of The Sound And Energy Forms 9:28
2-6 A Rainbow Sonic Ark For Tomasz Ludwik Stańko (1942-2018) 6:38
2-7 Haiti, An Independent Nation In 1804 But Not Recognized By Britain, France, Germany, The United States And Others: A Designed Tragedy! 6:42
2-8 Mongezi Feza 10:58

CD3 - Wadada Leo Smith & Han Bennink - Mysterious Sonic Fields:
3-1 Chrysanthemum Flowers On A Mountaintop (For Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan And Mary Jackson) 5:00
3-2 Largo: A Mysterious Love Sonic (For Shana, Robeson And Sarah) 5:00
3-3 Louis Armstrong In New York City And Accra, Ghana 8:49
3-4 Albert Einstein: Particles Of Light, A Study In Perception 4:58
3-5 Ornette Coleman At The World´s Fair Of Science And Art In Fort Worth, Texas 5:59
3-6 The Call - A Duet Between Joseph "King" Oliver And Jelly Roll Morton 4:41
3-7 Light Garden In A Dream-Space, A Remembrance Of Shaba Of Ethiopia 5:44
3-8 Han Bennink On Fifth Avenue, NYC 5:15
3-9 Johnny Dyani, The Artist Who Imagined A New South Africa. A Celebration 5:49

CD4 - Wadada Leo Smith & Jack DeJohnette - Freedom Summer, The Legacy:
4-1 Sandalwood And Sage 5:08
4-2 Freedom Summer 9:18
4-3 Meditation: A Sonic Circle Of Double Piano Resonances 8:57
4-4 The Patriot Act, Unconstitutional And A Force That Destroys Democracy 20:03
4-5 Silence, Quietness And Very Still 9:52

CD5 - Wadada Leo Smith & Jack DeJohnette - Paradise: The Gardens And Fountains:
Paradise: The Gardens And Fountains 37:45

wydano: June 17, 2022
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Wadada Leo Smith
Wadada Leo Smith
The Emerald Duets [5CD]
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