Charli Persip and Superband: No Dummies Allowed [Vinyl 1LP]

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Mainstream Jazz / Indie Jazz
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: Singlefoldowe etui

Editor's info:
"I'm the kind of a drummer and musician that I try to stay in touch whit what's going on all of today, I really try to deal with what's happening. Superband plays music as it is our conception of big band jazz of today, going into the future". (Charli Persip) * * * *:
With the exception of the drummer/leader, trumpeter Jack Walrath and the up-and-coming altoist Sue Terry and pianist Darrel Grant, Charlie Persip's Superband was full of obscure names in the late '80s. However, the drummer's sidemen were all quite talented. The arrangements on their CD are quite modern (often emphasizing dense ensembles) yet swing. Walrath's "Revenge of the Fat People" sounds a bit like Charles Mingus (often featuring simultaneous improvisations), Sue Terry does a fine job of weaving together three tunes for an unlikely Billie Holiday medley and the high-powered "Vital Seconds" is highlighted by a brief spot for Pablo Calajero's passionate baritone. Walrath has solos on several pieces (he is best on the stromy "Thurway Traffic") and other impressive voices include Orpheus Gaitanopoulos' tenor, Sayyd Abdul Al..-Khabyyr's alto and pianist Grant. Charlie Persip deserved great credit for keeping this rather uncommercial orchestra together for over ten years.
by Scott Yanow

Sayyd Abdul Al-Khabyyr, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
Tony Barrero, trumpet
Pablo Calajero, baritone saxophone
Nathan Durham, trombone
Jason Forsythe, trombone
Eli Fountain, percussion
Orpheus Gaitanopoulos, tenor saxophone, flute
Darrel Grant, piano
Matt Haviland, trombone
Herb Hubel, trombone
Ambrose Jackson, trumpet
Genghis Nor, trumpet
Charli Persip, drums
Craig Rivers, tenor saxophone, flute
Marcus Rojas, tuba
Melissa Slocum, bass
Susan Terry, alto saxophone, flute
Jack Walrath, trumpet

1. Revenge of the Fat People
2. Strange Crazy Heartache
3. Crazy He Calls Me
4. Good Morning Heartache
5. Strange Fruit
6. Vital Seconds
7. Thruway Traffic
8. Desert Ship
9. Inner Urge

nagrano: Recorded in New York, November 19 & 25, 1987.

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Soul Note (I)
Charli Persip and Superband
No Dummies Allowed [Vinyl 1LP]
Vinyl 1LP
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