Talk Is Cheap Vol. 3

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Indie Rock/Muzyka alternatywna
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

"On the 2003 tour, I happened to be at the Enmore [Sydney, Australia] two years later to the day that we did 'Talk Is Cheap Vol. 1' so it was too conceptually cool to not record. You can gather that 'Talk Is Cheap' Volumes 1 and 2 were recorded April 23 and 24 of 2001 and in the tradition of the earlier installments of the recurring bloviating nightmare, not a great deal of editing was done. Remember talk is cheap and we're all judged by what we do, not what we say" - Henry Rollins
For Henry Rollins, talk is so cheap he's practically selling it by the pound. Talk Is Cheap is the third two-CD set so far of Rollins regaling his fans with wit, wisdom, and bad karma at the Enmore Theater in Sydney, Australia, this time recorded during a two-night stand in April 2003. With the passage of time, Rollins' spoken word material sounds more and more like standup comedy, but with a bit more venom than Louis Black and a less precise sense of timing and structure than David Cross, though for sheer verbiage he offers greater value for money than either. On the third installment of Talk Is Cheap, Rollins shares his antipathy towards college students, George W. Bush, auditioning for roles in action movies, 24-hour news channels, law enforcement officers in Texas, and a variety of other subjects, but the best stuff here is where Rollins uncharacteristically talks about things he loves -- the Ramones (he shares a long and hilarious story about seeing them for the first time in a tiny sweatbox of a club), Mohammad Said el Sahhaf (Saddam Hussein's wildly over-confident press officer: "A more charismatic, optimistic man you will be so hard pressed to find!"), and hanging out with heavy duty DEA agents while shooting Bad Boys II. While Rollins goes more directly for laughs these days, he's still offering his fans the aggro they've come to expect from him, and if you've been down with "Hammerin' Hank"'s spoken word program up to this point, this 135 minutes of ranting down under will give you the laughs and the anger you've come to expect.
by Mark Deming

CD 1
1. Your Anger Manager
2. War's Greatest Hits Vol.1
3. War's Greatest Hits Vol.2
4. A Love Story

CD 2
1. The Ramones
2. The Hollywood Method

total time - 02:14:57
wydano: 2006-08
nagrano: Recorded at the Enmore Theater, Sydney, Australia, April 23, 2003

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2.13.61 (USA)
Henry Rollins
Talk Is Cheap Vol. 3
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