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Kapow Goodbye/Tak og Undskyld [Vinyl 1LP]

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Indie Pop / Avant Pop / Muzyka alternatywna
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Dania
opakowanie: Singlefoldowe etui

Editor's info:
"Kapow Goodbye (tak & undskyld)" the new album out May 7th from award-winning composer and singer Kristina Holgersen, was created in a unique collaboration with successful and respected author Leonora Christina Skov.

The lyrics on Holgersen’s new album were carefully culled from Leonora's memoirs: 2018’s "The One Who Lives Quietly" and "If We Don't Talk About It" published April 22nd, 2021. Kristina's compositions are musical, lyrical art-pop vehicles that navigate through tension that exists between the powerful and vulnerable – all based on the ever-expanding, in¬nite universe of female experience.

"Kapow Goodbye" was recorded over a series of late-night sessions during which the band employed an almost dogmatic approach to its openness – deliberately and respectfully reserving space in the soundscape for texture and ambience. A microphone in the middle of the room was designated to pick up sounds that are often avoided during studio sessions: the squeaky mechanics of piano pedals and the wonderfully subtle, nuanced creaks from ancient wooden bodies of stringed instruments (such as the cello heard here). Thanks to this approach, listeners are transported into the studio space during the session – to the wonderfully real and consciously curated analog atmosphere.

All of the arrangements heard here were improvised and created on the spot with Line Felding (known from Cody, and also part this project’s live-concert lineup), as well as Kasper Kaae (also from Cody), Mikkel Reumert (from Love Shop), and Mads Brinch Nielsen (from Bisse and Folkeklubben).
The album is forged with an unabashed love and an obvious heartfelt appreciation for acoustic instruments played by hand. Along those same organic lines, the lyrics appear in Leonora's own handwriting on the LP and CD covers.

“Leonora and I are very different. She likes shoes with glitter and colorful dresses from the 50s, while I’m more comfortable in a sepia-toned studio. Her writing is powerful, and at the same time vulnerable and reflective. I love that. When she writes, anger gets a voice that applies to everyone in some way. Doubt comes later… sorry and thank you. I know that I, and I think that many other women, can really relate to that – the tension between wanting something in this world while constantly questioning oneself. The fear of being exposed as mediocre and at the same time fighting on.”
by Kristina Holgersen

1. Der er intet sted i verden jeg hellere ville vare end her 3:05
2. Kapow Goodbye 3:45
3. Ukendte gader 3:36
4. Jeg haber at solen vil skinne 2:42
5. Hvis vi ikke taler om det (feat. Leonora Christina Skov) 3:22
6. Den, der lever stille (feat. Leonora Christina Skov) 4:00
7. En knytnave gennem en mur (feat. Leonora Christina Skov) 4:06
8. Jannie 3:31
9. Helt normalt (feat. Leonora Christina Skov) 4:02
10. Tak og undskyld 3:41

more info: www.sundance.dk



Sundance (DK)
Kristina Holgersen
Vinyl 1LP
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