Yuji Takahashi: Finger Light

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seria wydawnicza: Composer Series
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Editor's info:
One of the foremost pianists of the 20th century, Yuji Takahashi makes a long-awaited return to the piano on his composition "Yubi - Tomyo." Finger Light features Takahashi compositions for shamisen, double shamisen and sho (Japanese mouth organ), applying alternate techniques to these traditional instruments. Takahashi first came to prominence as an avant garde composer in the early '60s 'New Directions' group along with Toshi Ichiyanagi and Kenji Kobayashi. After premiering Xenakis' piano work, Herma, which was dedicated to him, he studied stochastic music as Xenakis' sole pupil, between 1963-66. As a composer, he has worked in a wide range of forms: orchestral, operatic, improvisatory, computer music, traditional instruments and even popular. In 1978, he organized the Suigyu Band to perform Asian protest songs. As a pianist, Takahashi has recorded pieces by John Cage, Earle Brown, Roger Reynolds and Toru Takemitsu as well as his own music, and in the '70s he made extensive recordings of Bach, Satie and others for Denon. He has collaborated with avant garde artists including Musica Elettronica Viva, Ned Rothenberg, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Carl Stone and John Zorn. Although Takahashi has released over 100 albums in Japan, Finger Light is the first album of his own music on an American label.

I. Kazuko Takada: shamisen (hosozao), vocal; Yumiko Tanaka: bass shamisen (hutozao) II. Kô Ishikawa: shô (mouth organ); Kishiko Suzumi: viola; Vladimir Tonkha: poetry reading (Text: Osip Mandelstam) III. Kazuko Takada, Ayumi Shimonoto: shamisen, vocal IV.; Yuji Takahashi:

I. Sugagaki Kuzishi; II. Mimi No Ho; III. Kagehime No Michiyuki; IV. Yubi-Tômyô
total time - 53:38
wydano: 1996
nagrano: 1995
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Tzadik (USA)
Yuji Takahashi
Yuji Takahashi
Finger Light
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