Lasse Marhaug: The Shape Of Rock To Come

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Współczesna Elektronika
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Norwegia
opakowanie: Jewelcaseowe etui

Editor's Info:
The press release calls it an assembled "history of extreme music,"covering death and black metals, free jazz, VU/Swans guitar walls, andthe power electronics spectrum. And while the cheeky title reiteratesMarhaug's impossible ambitions, it issafe to say that this disc represents one of the Norweigennoisemaster's most unrelenting works yet. As half of Jazzkammer and afrequent collaborator with noisemakers from across the globe, Marhaughas affixed his stamp of curdled feedback and precise digital doctoringto the range of experimental musics, from Jazzkammer's irreduciblepinprick landscapes to Maja Ratkje's operatic abstractions and on intothe dark densities of Merzbow and Kevin Drumm. The work of the lattertwo is where The Shape of Rock finds closest comparison.Consistent with his recent live shows, Marhaug explores the limits ofguitar feedback here, forcing shards of low-end click and hum throughrows of screeching effects and into the computer where things arereassembled into grainy staccato pulsings and writhing pools of sludge.Titles like "Sleeper" and "Magmadiver" point to the legacy of Norway'sblack metal scene; however, as far as audible similarity is concerned,other examples of electronic music paying homage to metal (like COH's Iron or any of Drumm's recent releases) come closer. For all of its excess, The Shape of Rockhangs onto a certain amount of the crisp, cool atmosphere thatcharacterizes much of the artist's work and begs to be associated withhis Nordic roots. Rather than peaking with dramatic transitions intorandom, deconstructive meltdown, the tracks climax with effectiveregroupings, organizing into thick laths of sound more likely toconjure images of looming, night-lit skyscrapers than Gothic ruins.Marhaug often exploits the digital foundation of each piece by guidingthe bulk of certain tracks into stuttering 'skip' patterns, a techniquethat works with the science fiction feel of the disc. Overall this is asolid addition to the catalog of one of Norway's most prolific andsuccessful noisemen; it is also one of his surprisingly few soloreleases, as good an entry point as any.

1. Sleeper 20:29
2. Magmadiver 13:13
3. All In Good Spirits 10:45
4. Haedless Piss 4:53
5. It Is My Kind Of Top 8:03

total time - 57:23
wydano: January 9, 2004
nagrano: Recorded 2002-2003, Trondheim-Oslo, Norway

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Smalltown Supersound (NO)
Lasse Marhaug
The Shape Of Rock To Come
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