Pergolesi: Messa in Re maggiore, Mottetto "Dignas laudes resonemus"

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New light on Pergolesi! This album sheds light on a lesser-known aspect of the great Italian composer, offering two masterpieces in their first modern edition and first recording: the Mass in D major and the mottettone Dignas Laudes. Both editions are the outcome of recent musicological research carried out by the Centro Studi Pergolesi in Milan, and show a facet of Pergolesi – his energetic and solemn character – that complements and amplifies the dramatic and introspective moods of his most renowned sacred works. This Arcana release inaugurates a collaboration with the Ghislieri Choir & Consort and celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of the ensemble, which specialises in eighteenth-century sacred repertory and has already recorded works by Galuppi, Jommelli, Perez (Il Mattutino de’ Morti) and Handel (Handel in Rome 1707) for Sony-DHM. The soloists on this recording, conducted by Giulio Prandi, are the soprano Marlis Petersen, one of the leading sopranos on the international scene, and a quintet of young Italian singers who already perform in the most important and prestigious European venues.

Marlis Petersen & Marta Fumagalli
Coro E Orchestra Ghislieri, Guilio Prandi

Pergolesi - Mass in D Major, P. 46: I. Kyrie
Pergolesi - Mass in D Major, P. 46: II. Gloria in Excelsis Deo
Pergolesi - Mass in D Major, P. 46: III. Laudamus Te
Pergolesi - Mass in D Major, P. 46: IV. Gratias Agimus Tibi
Pergolesi - Mass in D Major, P. 46: V. Domine Deus
Pergolesi - Mass in D Major, P. 46: VI. Qui Tollis Peccata Mundi
Pergolesi - Mass in D Major, P. 46: VII. Quoniam Tu Solus Sanctus
Pergolesi - Mass in D Major, P. 46: VIII. Cum Sancto Spiritu
Pergolesi - Mottetto "Dignas Laudes Resonemus": I. Dignas Laudes Resonemus
Pergolesi - Mottetto "Dignas Laudes Resonemus": II. O Me Felicem
Pergolesi - Mottetto "Dignas Laudes Resonemus": III. Sto in Calma Summae Pacis
Pergolesi - Mottetto "Dignas Laudes Resonemus": IV. O Virgo Dolorosa
Pergolesi - Mottetto "Dignas Laudes Resonemus": IX. Te Fili Contemplando
Pergolesi - Mottetto "Dignas Laudes Resonemus": V. Quot Procellae, Quot Horrores
Pergolesi - Mottetto "Dignas Laudes Resonemus": VI. O Sacra et Vera Fides
Pergolesi - Mottetto "Dignas Laudes Resonemus": VII. in Ipsa Laeta Spero
Pergolesi - Mottetto "Dignas Laudes Resonemus": VIII. O Praesidium Suave
Pergolesi - Mottetto "Dignas Laudes Resonemus": X. Dignas Laudes Resonemus

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Arcana (FR)
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi [1710-1736]
Coro e Orchestra Ghislieri / Giulio Prandi
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