Anna-Liisa Eller: Strings Attached - The Voice of Kannel

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Related to the harp but positioned horizontally by the player, the kannel possesses an uncommon timbre, at times reminiscent of the harpsichord. Anna-Liisa Eller offers us a chance to discover this treasured symbol of Estonia's musical heritage courtesy of her own transcriptions of well-loved pieces by Couperin, Byrd, Dowland, and Rameau. This magical journey across centuries and musical styles, is rounded off by original improvisations and a contemporary work by the young Estonian composer Helena Tulve, in which the instrumen's myriad colors can shine through in all their rare variety.

BBC Music Magazine - Instrumental Choice November 2021
Conceived as ‘an audio voyage’, this programme makes associations between diverse repertoire through timbre, texture, colour and ‘affect’...In the hands of a gifted virtuoso like Eller, one understands why some have described the kannel’s sonority as the ‘sound from heaven.

Anna-Liisa Eller: kannels, psaltery

Byrd: Rowland, or Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home
Couperin, L: Prelude for harpsichord in D minor
Dowland: Lachrimae Pavan, P. 15
Eller, A-L: Improvised Interlude
Eller, A-L: Improvised Postlude No. 1
Eller, A-L: Improvised Postlude No. 2
Eller, A-L: Improvised Prelude
Frescobaldi: Toccata per l'Elevatione in E major
Machaut: Dame, vostre dous viaire
Rameau: L'Entretien des muses
Rameau: Premier Livre de pieces de clavecin
Tulve: Silmaja (Beholder)
Weiss, S: Tombeau sur la mort de M. Comte d'Logy, arrivée en 1721

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Anna-Liisa Eller
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