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Joshua Redman jest jedną z najbarwniejszych postaci współczesnego jazzu. 'Back East' to pierwszy akustyczny album Joshuy Redmana, nagrany jako instrumentalne trio, to także jego pierwszy akustyczny album, od początku do końca, od czasu wydanego w 2001 roku 'Passage of Time'. Minionej wiosny Redman powrócił do Nowego Jorku ze swego nowego domu na Zachodnim Wybrzeżu, by nagrać 'Back East', w trzech różnych triach: Christian McBride (bas) i Brian Blade (perkusja), Larry Grenadier (bas) i Ali Jackson (perkusja), Reuben Rogers (bas) i Eric Harland (perkusja). Na płycie pojawiają się goście, prezentujący trzy generacje saksofonistów: ojciec Redmana - Dewey Redman - gra w dwóch piosenkach ("India" Johna Coltrane'a i "GJ" starszego Redmana), Joe Lovano pojawia się w "Indian Song" Wayne'a Shortera, Chris Cheek z kolei występuje w "Mantra #5" samego Redmana. Nawiązując do genezy tytułu płyty Redmana, która jest związana z 'Way Out West' Sonny'ego Rollinsa i dychotomią między Wschodnim a Zachodnim brzmieniem i harmonią, należy jeszcze dodać, że na 'Back East' znalazły się dwie nowe interpretacje kompozycji z krążka Rollinsa: "I'm an Old Cowhand" and "Wagon Wheels". Płyta zawiera także piosenki innych legendarnych kompozytorów, Coltrane'a, Wayne'a Shortera, Richarda Rogersa i Oscara Hammersteina.

Editor's Info:
Joshua Redman's Back East is the tenor saxophonist and composer's second Nonesuch release and his first recording in an acoustic trio setting. A marked contrast to Redman's plugged-in, groove-based sessions with the Elastic Band or his collaborations with the eight-piece SFJAZZ Collective, this sax-bass-drums format harkens back to the Berkeley, California-based artist's early days as a performer, more than 15 years ago. He was indeed working back east then, in Boston and New York City, and necessity as much as aesthetics often dictated the lineup. Sometimes a club he'd be playing simply wouldn't have a piano, in which case a quartet would be out of the question. But Redman, whom The New York Times has described as "a remarkably fluid improviser," isn't merely attempting to recall his scuffling roots. Back East is full of in-the-moment pleasures, thanks to the natural rapport between Redman and the three NYC-based rhythm sections with whom he works. But take a closer look at the songs he's chosen, the arrangements he's fashioned and the players he's hanging out with, and this set becomes even more deeply compelling. Redman incorporates a stunningly wide range of ideas, experiences and influences, creating a multi-layered self-portrait via the sounds, people, and places that have helped to shape his career.

On Back East, Redman says, there is "a sense of return to a style I associate with the east coast, a return to playing - for lack of a better description - modern, swing-based, acoustic jazz. This was and is my musical bread and butter, the core of what I do. That approach to playing is one I really immersed myself in and developed during my time on the east coast. In Boston, I wasn't studying music, but I was hanging out with a lot of musicians, and that's where I really learned how to play. And when I first moved to New York, I was still playing a lot of jam sessions, and doing lots of gigs at local clubs, bars and restaurants, sometimes with just bass and drums. So there's this sense of getting back to something that was really important to me in terms of my musical development but which I haven't captured so much recently through touring and recording."


Nonesuch (USA)
Joshua Redman
Back East
tenor saxophone
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