Tales of Time

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Straightahead / Mainstream Jazz
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: ecopackowe etui

Editor's info:
New York-based drummer/composer Greg Germann has spent the better part of the last two decades touring the world with Broadway shows, and then making his mark as a Telly Award-winning film composer, utilizing his background in classical percussion and jazz to guide his hand. With encouragement from an important mentor, drummer Clarence Penn, Greg turned his attention to documenting a collection of his wide-ranging compositions for modern jazz quartet. With Penn producing, they pulled together a group of supreme improvisors including saxophonist Donny McCaslin, pianist Luis Perdomo and bassist Yasushi Nakamura to tackle Germann's rhythmically expansive & melodically rich works. Recorded in November of 2020, the compositions present a dynamic view of life during the Covid-19 pandemic. From the relentless post-bop opener, “Rush Hour,” to the reflective “Quarantine,” Tales of Time is Germann’s calling card for jazz fans worldwide.

"Greg Germann's new offering, Tales of Time, showcases his formidable talents as a player, composer, and arranger. The music blends layers of
complexity with singable melodies. Greg's artistic vision shines through tying all of the tracks together, and proving that modern jazz, pop, swing,
songwriting, and even film music can all coexist and create something beautiful, unique and long-lasting. With this new recording, Greg steps into the
New York jazz scene with confidence and exuberance.” -- Jeb Patton

“Greg is one of my favorite drummers I’ve had in my band. He has a driving percolating groove that’s all his own. He responds and interacts with what
he’s hearing and that is one of my favorite qualities in a drummer.” -- Eric Person

Produced by Clarence Penn & Greg Germann

Donny McCaslin - tenor saxophone
Luis Perdomo - piano, rhodes
Yasushi Nakamura - bass
Chelsea Forgenie - vocals
Greg Germann - drums

1. Rush Hour (04:50)
2. Bli-Fi (06:15)
3. Quarantine (05:17)
4. Fugue for Thought (03:59)
5. Park Terrace Waltz (05:50)
6. Perspectives (02:11)
7. Time to Move On (04:27)
8. Misinformation (06:53)
9. Elysia (07:03)
10. Fuguearella (05:53)
11. Rosetta Stone (06:50)

wydano: 2021-07-12
nagrano: Recorded & mixed by Aaron Nevezie at Bunker Studios Brooklyn, NY on November 1, 2020

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Origin Records (USA)
Greg Germann
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