Irene Schweizer / Hamid Drake: Celebration

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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Editor's info:
Piano-Drums Duos are the preferred playing arrangement of pianist Irene Schweizer. Her mastery of duets with important drummers of contemporary jazz are documented on numerous Intakt CDs. Han Bennink, Pierre Favre, Louis Moholo, Günter Baby Sommer, Andrew Cyrille and Joey Baron among them.

The Chicago drummer Hamid Drake, born in 1955, and Irene Schweizer, born in 1941, have performed together on numerous occasions both in Europe and Chicago. Together they have appeared on the Intakt CD "Irene Schweizer-Fred Anderson-Hamid Drake". At the 40th anniversary festival "Kontrontationen in Nickelsdorf" (Austria), Schweizer and Drake were the highlight of the event. A celebration of the moment and a declaration of love to South African songs along with their thrilling energy and rhythmic lightness produced a firework of improvisation. A parade of successful interplay.

The CD Celebration is released on the occasion of Irene Schweizer's 80th birthday (2. Juni), accompanied by a catalogue of the pianist's works on Intakt Records.

Irene Schweizer: Piano
Hamid Drake: Drums

1. A Former Dialogue 6:26
2. Hot Sunflowers 5:44
3. The Good Life 4:29
4. Twister 5:52
5. Stringfever 5:04
6. Blues for Crelier 3:17
7. Nickelsdorf Glow 2:59
8. Celebration 4:39
9. Song for Johnny – In memory of Johnny Dyan 5:22

wydano: 2021-04-16
nagrano: Recorded July 26, 2019 at Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf, 40th Festival for Free and Improvised Music, Jazzgallery Nickelsdorf, Austria.

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Intakt (CH)
Irene Schweizer / Hamid Drake
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