Steen Rasmussen Quinteto: Canta

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Bossa Nova / Brazilian Jazz
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kontynent: Europa
kraj: Dania
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Duński pianista Steen Rasmussen, dał się w przeszłości poznać, jako mistrz gęstej i przesyconej tajemnicą atmosfery oraz modelowania i kształtowania muzycznej narracji spod znaku bossa novy.
Stworzona przez Viniciusa de Moraesa, Antonio Carlosa Jobima, Joăo Gilberto i Stana Getza hybryda nieco ospałej lirycznej samby i jazzu juz w połowie XX wieku zyskała międzynarodowe obywatelstwo. Rasmussen jest jednym z jej europejskich adeptów.
"Canta" jest szósta płytą Rasmussena, na której spotykamy unikalny stop dawnej bossa novy, ze współczesnymi, jazzowymi nurtami. Pięcioosobowy zespół z licznym gronem zaproszonych gości prezentuje muzykę spełniającą wszelkie wymagania sztuki ambitnej, ale niezapominającej o niby trywialnym elemencie, jakim jest piękna melodia. Powściągliwa wirtuozeria wybornych instrumentalistów, skupione na brzmieniu frazy, atmosfera upalnego wieczoru wypełnionego nastrojem bossa novy, dają słuchaczowi wytchnienie już w pierwszych minutach albumu.
Pojawiający się na płycie śpiewaczki i śpiewacy jak 70-letnia nestorka bossy, Brazylijka Joyce Moreno, Włoszka Barbara Casini, mająca za sobą współpracę z Lee Konitzem, Philem Woodsem, Stefano Bollanim, Enrico Rava, czy ceniony brazylijski śpiewak mieszkający w Madrycie Leo Minax, sprawiają, że oryginalne kompozycje Rasmussena pełne są namiętności i uduchowienia.
autor: Mateusz Matyjak
Copyright © 1996-2018 Multikulti Project. All rights reserved

"Canta" jest też dostępny na Vinyl 1LP w cenie 99,99 zł

Editor's info
It’s not especially difficult to become friends with a Brazilian. It’s just as easy to become wild about (and dizzied by) Brazilian music. Pianist Steen Rasmussen is even wilder, having played Brazilian-inspired music for years, over which time he has cemented his posi- tion as one of the kingdom’s richest, most enthusiastic and competent performers, with an unmatched familia- rity of the genre. Ever since he started with Bossas and Sambas (among other sub-genres) in the big country, he let himself fall right into the thick of it. He threw himself straight in, having listened to, and checked out, the very best: Joao Donato, Tania Maria, Djavan, Joyce, Elis Regina, Toquinho, and all the others. He surrende- red himself to the music, and one can hear that. Over the years, he has cultivated and refined his fascination, having mastered the fluid and harmoniously superior Brazilian swing, and orchestrating his playing as if he had grown up right in the middle of Rio de Janeiro.

Steen Rasmussen’s musical mission is on display on several excellent and well-known albums, including LO MEANS DE CADA CASA (2013) with the Brazilian guitarist Leo Minax - the result of a close musical col- laboration to unite Brazilian “Saudade” with the Nordic melancholy. The album was extremely well received and brought the band’s sound to countries all over the world, including Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil, and Spain, ending up in Denmark with a DMA Jazz nomination.

On PRESENÇA (2015), recorded in Rio de Janeiro, Steen continued the Nordic/Brazilian concept, including a collaboration with Paulo Braga –the man responsible for defining Brazilian drumming from the 1970s to the present day.

On the new release, CANTA is the song in focus, and the brilliant album has everything and anything one could desire. As always, the music is superbly played with a plethora of both large and small, delicate details and musical delights – as well as some wonderful and obvious guests. It offers laborious complexity, exquisite and refined sadness, and a rhythmic drive that might be difficult to handle if you are not born and raised with Bossa Nova and Samba music - or your name isn’t Steen Rasmussen. These inventive compositions sung by such unique names welcome listeners to pinch themselves over and over again to be sure it’s not a dream. Steen Rasmussen has invited a number of professional vocalists to interpret his melodic compositions. The world-famous Brazilian singer Joyce Moreno contributes both as a singer and guitarist. Two old friends, Josefine Cronholm and Leo Minax, participate, as well. There is a new and welcome visit by the Italian singer and guitarist Barbara Casini, who has collaborated with Stephano Bollani and Enrico Rava in her native country. Two veterans also streak through the Danish starry sky - Mark Linn and Marie Carmen Koppel - as well as one of tomorrow’s stars, Caroline Franceska.

CANTA is a lovingly laid back and happy voyage into Bossa Nova, Samba, and Jazz Music, exquisitely presented on an album that features sensualism, ambiance, and strong melodies. Steen Rasmussen demonstrates his class with a thoroughly staged program, delicious and authentic, on a record that sways like the breeze from the beach in Rio, sprinkled with melancholy and depth, and served with refined ease.

“Man! - or Meu Deus, as one would say in Brazil ... Steen Rasmussen plays and composes today as if he was born in an apartment in one of the side streets of the big boulevard of Leblon in Rio. As if he had been drinking passion fruit juice his whole childhood, saw a sea of questionable soaps, ate grilled cheese, and surfed in a small light brown bathing suit with a small gold buckle from age 11 years old.

I’m crazy about Brazilian music. My apartment is falling down from the weight of all the LPs from the big, warm, and super-exciting country that fills my shelves. I’m a total freak when it comes to the unique Latin American country’s music. I listen to it constantly and am always discovering new artists, old artists’ stuff that has been hidden, or bidding on how that music can also be interpreted. Today I made space for another album. An album based on a love of Brazilian Music - refreshing and completely, entirely its own. Obrigado, Steen Rasmussen.
Muito Obrigado.”
Morten Lindberg / Master Fatman

Steen Rasmussen (p)
Lis Wessberg (tb)
Fredrik Damsgaard (b)
Jonas Johansen (d)
Jacob Andersen (perc)

Joyce Moreno, Barbara Casini (voc, g)
Josefine Cronholm, Marie Carmen Koppel, Caroline Franceska, Leo Minax (voc)
Paulo Braga (d)
Yasser Pino (b)
Jonas Krag, Bjarke Falgren (strings)
Hans Ulrik (ts)
Per Gade (g)
Afonso Correa (perc)

1. Nothing Like The Sun 05:04
2. Un Altro Sogno 05:28
3. Estrela Quente 05:47
4. Canta 03:39
5. Baiao Para Cafe Central 05:41
6. Acelera 05:15
7. Homenagem á Vida 06:22
8. Balançando 04:58
9. Snowflakes in Calle Leon 03:52
10. Distrito Chines 05:43
11. Picture of Ocean 09:06
12. I Surrender To You 04:57

wydano: 2018-08
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Stunt Records (DK)
Steen Rasmussen Quinteto
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