Sagas Of The Present

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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
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Liner notes by Federico Scoppio:
According to Gianni Rodari, famous Italian author of children’s literature, “the creative process is innate to human nature and, thus, to everything entailing the joy of expressing oneself and letting one’s imagination roam and be grasped by one and all”. The young pianist and composer, Peter Knudsen, must have understood this well, devoting himself to creativity, invention, the pleasure of discovery and revival. In fact, one rarely finds such an articulated, proven play on throw-backs, connections and interceptions as in the music the Swede (not to be confused with the former Danish footballer of the same name, who also played on the Italian Bari team) has put together for this brand new octet. Peter, born in Östersund, in northern Sweden, but living in Stockholm for some time, studied quite a bit, but simultaneously listened with intent curiosity. For his debut in the CAM JAZZ Presents “youth series”, he set up an octet with a wind section that alternates and multiplies the instruments being used: from saxophones to clarinets and flutes, with his own playing of the piano in a style influenced by the greats (from Bill Evans to Brad Mehldau), but he does not remove the spotlight from what is most interesting: the building up and architecture of the sound, the frantic search for new spaces for expression, which is also the meaning of life for many young musicians. New spaces, other places, space to… An imperative that Knudsen pursues reaches and overcomes.

Emil Strandberg: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Andreas Gidlund: Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute
Gustav Radström: Saxophone, Clarinet
Thomas Backman: Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Flute
Lisa Bodelius: Trombone
Peter Knudsen: Piano
Pär-Ola Landin: Double Bass
Sebastian Voegler: Drums
Anders Johansson: Glockenspiel

total time - 48:24
wydano: Nov 20, 2012
nagrano: Recorded in Gothenburg, Sweden on 3, 4 October 2011 at Svenka Grammofonstudion
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CAM Jazz (I)
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Sagas Of The Present
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