Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience: To Know Without Knowing

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Afrobeat / Funk / Soul
premiera polska:
kontynent: Afryka
kraj: Ethiopia
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

This is a great record and it’s cool.
It’s just a beautifully played, beautifully arranged and composed record.”
NPR - New Music Friday Top 6 Albums - John Morrison

**** “An absorbing ride.
Collectivity, groove and a powerful live show are prized and shine through; perfect for the festival season we are sadly missing.”
The Observer – Neil Spencer

**** “Beautifully layered and organic, trippy and hypnotic.
This is the good stuff, don’t waste a drop of it! ‘To Know Without Knowing’ reminds us that Ethio-jazz isn’t music that’s rooted in the 60’s but an ever growing, expanding art form that has such relevance today.”
Blues And Soul Magazine

**** “A startlingly successful marriage of old and new.”
Q Magazine – Steve Yates

**** “An irresistible collective effort.
Volcanic.. fusillades of brass and percussion.. spiraling rhythms.. starkly hypnotic.“
The Times - Clive Davis

“Ancient to modern sensibility.
Rammed with more rhythm-stretching melody than its groove ought to have room for.”
The Guardian - Jazz Album of the Month- John Fordham

Editor's info:
Mulatu was written by Mulatu, as he says, for himself. This arrangement features Mulatu on his signature instrument the vibraphone and flugelhornist Ian Dixon. Inspired lyrics from Elf Transporter pay respect to the traditional owners of Black Jesus Experience’s hometown.
Ambassa Lemdi is an arrangement combining an original song taught to Enushu by her Grandmother with a traditional Ethiopian song. It tells of a mother singing for her daughter’s wedding, welcoming the groom and the joy of uniting their families.
Kulun Mankwaleshi is our arrangement of a traditional Ethiopian wedding song in the uniquely Ethiopian anchi-hoye scale. Both polyrhythmic and polymetric sophistication provide the hypnotic foundation for this beautiful melody. Friends and family join the party on backing vocals climaxing with Peter Harper’s mesmeric saxophone solo.
Living On Stolen Land is dedicated to the First Nations people of Australia and acknowledges the pain and injustice of their not being recognized as the traditional owners of Australia. This track features guitarist Zac Lister and very special guest Vida Sunshyne. Its moody 6/8 vamp in D is a gateway to channeling the spirits of the land.
To Know Without Knowing is a suite in two contrasting movements, both using the same Ethiopian tezita minor scale over an unrelated pedal tone in the bass. It is conceived from, and is a vehicle to, a place beyond thought.
Lijay originated from a simple reggae inspired jam. Lij means child in Amharic. Enushu sings of her child being the realization of her dream, and her future. Monk replies with a child’s ode to his mother.
Blue Light was written for our dear friend Jeannie, for her journey from this life to the next. Originally written in traditional ballad form, this arrangement morphs to speak of the past, present and future.
Mascaram Setaba is an Ethio classic that showcases Mulatu’s study of the familial links between Ethiopian and Latin music. Mascaram Setaba means ‘when September comes’. September being the New Year in Ethiopia this is a celebration of rebirth and new growth. This new arrangement puts the spotlight on legendary jazz pianist Bob Sedergreen.
A Chance To Give is a 16 bar blues inspired by the joy of giving, originally conceived while street performing. It features Mulatu on vibes, Peter Harper on sax, MC Elf Transporter, and Robbie Belchamber on guitar.

1. Mulatu
2. Ambassi Lemdi
3. Kulun Mankwaleshi
4. Living On Stolen Land
5. To Know Without Knowing
6. Lijay
7. Blue Light
8. Mascaram Setaba
9. A Chance To Give

wydano: 2020-07-03



Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience
To Know Without Knowing
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