The Gypsy Road - A musical migration from India to Spain

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Machina, 01/2001 * * * *

Washington Post
'...Od 1000 lat Cyganie podróżowali starożytnym szlakiem migracyjnym z Indii do Hiszpanii. Ich pełna emocji, zapadająca w pamięć muzyka została wspaniale uchwycona w tym zestawie 14 utworów wykonanych przez światowej sławy cygańskich artystów......'

Editor's info:
Few compilations of Gypsy music are as broad-minded as Gypsy Road. Other collections have focused specifically on the folk of Russian Gypsies or the flamenco of Spanish Gypsies in Madrid. But with Gypsy Road, Alula spotlights Gypsy artists from all over Europe as well as parts of the Middle East. The Gypsies who enrich this CD come from India (Musafir) and Turkey (Kemani Cemal), as well as Spain (Gerardo Nunez, Casta), Italy (Acquaragia Drom), and France (Energypsy). Gypsy culture has, of course, been a part of Eastern Europe for centuries, so it's only right that several tunes on this album would be recorded in that part of the world. The Eastern European Gypsies heard on Gypsy Road come from Bulgaria (Yuri Yunakov), Hungary (Ando Drom, Kalyi Jag), Romania (Taraf de Haidouks), and naturally, Russia (Loyko, Kolpakov Trio). Many different languages are heard on Gypsy Road, and the instruments vary from one country to another. But as diverse as this CD is, one can hear the parallels between these artists. Most of them use what is called "modal" or "scalar" playing, even if you don't understand the technical meaning, you can recognize modality when you hear it. (Modal playing is also used in everything from Jewish klezmer to Indian raga and Algerian rai). Gypsy Road is a fine collection that world music enthusiasts should make a point of acquiring.
Review by Alex Henderson



Alula (USA)
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The Gypsy Road - A musical migration from India to Spain
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