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Editor's info:
Syndikaina is a world-fusion group based in Bergen, a west coast city in Norway. The group plays its own compositions which are inspired by moroccan tunes,their songs deal with everyday challenges facing north Africa, love among mankind and political issues. The group uses modern as well as traditional north African instruments. In addition they use the oud, a traditional string instrument dating back to the times of Babylon. The music is rhythmic and catchy and the vocals are unique. Syndikaina musicians show engagement and portray a vibral atmoshphere in their shows. The band is the result of the meeting of Hassan el Bouzidi(morocco)Amir Saion(irak)and Stein Hogseth,Morten Saele,Stein Inge Braekhus(norway)... Hassan had a project to raise a melting pot band that would perform his music...The band was raised very easilly,but the other members needed to get more known with moroccan music,so they were playing traditional music from Morocco before getting to play original compositions. Now,they are a solid band that had a good reputation in Norway after playing several concerts. Recently a member from the most known ethnic norwegian band (TRANSJOIK) has joined them to add another dimension to their live performances:Snorre Bjerck who plays a kind of home made drum sett ,he also plays with Bnet Marrakech. SYNDIKAINA has published a first album "Younu" in 2006,which had very nice critics and reviews...They are working now on the next album that will be released in 2008.


Acoustic (NO)
Hassan El Bouzidi
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