Aleppian Sufi Trance [2CD]

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Muzyka Tradycyjna / Muzyka Sufijska
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Le Chant du Monde appears to have taken a leaf from the book of the Network label for this double set. There's a long-box package, extensive notes in French and English, and a luxurious, artistic set of photographs. And, thankfully, the music to match. This is an outing into the traditional Sufi trance music, part of which involves the dancers known colloquially as "whirling dervishes." It's fascinating stuff, although definitely for converts or the very curious, as two and a quarter hours of music would prove taxing for the only mildly inquisitive. The ensemble, featuring the hammered dulcimer called the qanun, the oud, ney, riqq, derviche, and voices, truly does create mesmerizing music, whether for the dance or in their instrumental taqsims, where the players truly get a chance to shine. But no one ever forgets that this is ritualistic, sacred music, made for a higher purpose. The sense of beauty and awe is continuous, and draws the listener inward and onward. Don't play this when you're trying to do something else, it needs full attention. This is a case where the music deserves the package -- and vice versa.

by Chris Nickson


Le Chant du Monde (FR)
Sheikh Habboush / El-Kindi Ensemble / Julian Weis
Aleppian Sufi Trance [2CD]
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