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Yasmin Levy prezentuje swoją szóstą płytę. Tym razem motywem przewodnim albumu jest argentyńskie tango. Album promuje pieśń "Hasta Siempre Amore" ("Żegnaj ukochany").
Artystka kontynuuje współpracę z orkiestrą - nowa płyta nagrana została z tak dużym zespołem. Orkiestrę, która akompaniuje Yasmin, prowadzi dyrygent Yaron Gottfiried.

Yasmin Levy jest artystką, która nie stoi w miejscu, od piosenek w języku ladino, muzycznych tradycji Persji i Turcji, po własne interpretacje flamenco.

Sama piosenkarka tak mówi o swojej najnowszej płycie: "Odbyłam w moim zawodowym życiu ekscytującą podróż, która jest kolejnym etapem na drodze poznawania muzycznych światów, pełnych ognia i pasji. Śpiewane tango zawsze było obecne w moim rodzinnym domu, ale od dawna nie wracałam do tych wspomnień, aż do dzisiaj. Teraz śpiewając tanga dopiero odkryłam jak bardzo uwielbiam tę muzykę".

Dla Yasmin Levy tango to "intymność, seksapil i ognista pasja", jednocześnie jednak pełne wysmakowanej elegancji.
Najnowszy album Yasmin Levy "Tango" to kolejny, czarujący rozdział w historii niezwykłej śpiewaczki, w którym prowadzi ją własna dusza.
autor: Jacek Palczewski

Editor's info:
“In my professional life, I’ve been on an exciting and moving journey which has taken me into musical worlds filled with fire and passion. Singing tango has always been a feature of the house in which I grew up, yet it wasn’t until I dug deep into the depths of these songs that I discovered how much I really love this music.” Yasmin Levy speaking about “Tango”

An internationally renowned story-teller, singer-songwriter and vocalist Yasmin Levy should really need no introduction. Over the course of five remarkable albums and countless world tours, her deep spiritual singing and passionate vocal delivery have made her that rarity, a true international star. Tango is Levy’s sixth album in a remarkable career and while her last album, Libertad, established her as a singer- songwriter of real repute, drawing heavily on the influences of both Spanish and Turkish music as well as featuring her trademark Ladino songs, here she introduces us to another of her great passions, with an album, and accompanying concert DVD, of sublimely arranged and passionately performed Argentinean Tango. It is a brave move, but one that shouldn’t surprise us. For Levy is an artist who refuses to stand still, from her breakthrough as a re-inventor of Ladino, via her forays into Persian and Turkish song and her own flamenco influenced originals, she is an artist always on the lookout for new challenges, new ways to express the melancholic beauty at the heart of her beguiling art.

‘Tango’ began with an invitation from Yaron Gottfried, musical director of the Israel Kibbutz Orchestra. “We had done some projects together before, and they went really well, so they decided to do another one with me and Yaron asked me to think about something and what I really wanted to do was something I hadn’t done before, to push myself outside of my comfort zone and into a new place where I could really express myself as a person and as a performer’. Soon, Levy found herself awake late into the night, listening to great singers like Carlos Gardel and Roberto “Poyaco” Geleneche, performing their own unique versions of the tango. “Suddenly I found myself up until three, four, five a.m. every night, sitting here by myself listening to tango, collecting songs. And every song has tons of covers, everybody sings those songs in a different way. And I just couldn’t stop.” Once the songs were selected a hugely successful tour ensued and luckily the tapes were rolling. The resulting album and DVD, ‘Tango’, drawn from the best of the live recordings is spectacular, presenting Levy at her captivating best.

On ‘Tango’ Levy’s compelling, soulful interpretations of some of her favourite tango songs are perfectly framed by Gottfried’s ravishing arrangements and the sublime playing of the Israel Kibbutz Orchestra. It’s a winning combination and one that traces new paths to the soul of Levy’s art. For her, tango represents “intimacy, sex, crazy attraction” but always elegant, “Everything drips sex, but very respectably, not cheap, and the songs – they are all melodrama.” But there is something else at the very heart of tango, which drew Levy in and which makes her the perfect interpreter of the grand tradition. “What I loved most [about the tango] was I couldn’t find even one happy song – it is all sad and that is totally me,” she says. “For so many years, I have been singing sad songs” And the sad lyrics of the tango meant that Levy could be herself. “I live on the stage… I live, I breathe. If there were wings, you would see me fly – it is a deep connection with God, with people, with people’s souls. It is the deepest, the most real, the most sincere that I could be.” And it is that connection which makes Levy’s latest album, Tango, so enthralling and yet another brilliant chapter in the story of a remarkable artist, one who brings her own soul to everything she sings.


World Village
Yasmin Levy / Israel Kibbutz Orchestra / Israël Netanya Kibbutz Orchestra
Tango [CD+DVD Video]
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