Edicao De Luxo [4CD]

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Editor's info:
"The Best of Amalia" brings together for the first time in one deluxe edition, with 4 CDs, Volumes 1 and 2 of the double-album "The Best of Amalia, which had record sales in the 1980s. They are, in all, 56 classic originally published between 1952 and 1983.

Published six months apart in 1985, the original LPs were the first major comprehensive collection of hits that made his Amália during his long career. Volume 1 has reached the 1st place in the top and sold upwards of 100 thousand copies, the volume reached 2 to 2 and surpassed the 50 million copies. And the success was repeated when the two collections of hits seen reissue on CD in alignments redesigned to take into account the new way of listening to records that the album had.

For many, the first two volumes of "The Best of Amalia, currently out of the market are the most perfect synthesis of art and talent that continues today to be the Voice of Portugal. It is therefore a great pleasure to return them to the public living in this luxury limited edition, which includes letters and notes that cover each topic in the fall when they were created and / or recorded by Amalia.


Som Livre (P)
Amalia Rodrigues
Edicao De Luxo [4CD]
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