Sinai Memories

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The East West Ensemble presents an exciting mélange of mystical music composed by kabbalists and hassidic masters who enclosed kabbalistics mystical ideas within their melodies, such as the tree of spheres, the sephirot, the intent of the realms of the Above and Below, contents and more.
These sacred hymns and melodies have their own unique power and energy, and go beyond common musical scales and styles.

It has been for centuries that liturgical poems and melodies have been entwined with the Jewish kabbalah and mysticism, and often considered as having a spiritual virtue of their own.
The Hidden Spirituals is a live concert re-presenting the psalms that were passed on through generation in different times and places in the history of the Jewish secret communities - all played in Israel Borochov's (the ensemble leader) brilliant arrangements.
The kabbalistic poetry is performed in varied musical styles, from an unbound style to ethnic and traditional style, including: Ethiopian, classic Western (Maurice Ravel), Baghdadi, Ashkenazi, Bukhari, Yemenite, North African, and even melodies of the Sufi-Turkish tradition which some of its composers were Jewish.


Magda Records (Izrael)
The East West Ensemble
Sinai Memories
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