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Editor's info:
The East-West Ensemble is a unique blending of the diverse musical theme in Eastern and Western cultures found in Israel today, particularly those intensively existing side-by-side in the Middle East.

The group was formed in 1985 by a tremendously talented, self-taught musician, Yisrael Borochov, who thereby realized his vision of combining the melodies and structures of the various idioms which have influenced him , Jewish, Arab, Other Asian, Jazz, Rock and Western classical.

For structure, most notable in the East-West Ensemble are the improvisations, customary both in jazz and in the various Asian music idioms.
Borochov is a master of Jazz, Rock and Asian idioms, he plays dulcimer, jumbush (Turkish lute) and various percussions instruments.

The East-West Ensemble performs to enthusiastic audiences from "east" to "west" all over the world : New-York, London, Tokyo, Berlin, Madrid, France, SanFrancisco, Hong-Kong, Salonika etc.

Yisrael Borochov is as diverse in his musical experience as the Ensemble itself. He arranges, writes and performs in Jazz, Rock Ethnic Oriental and Traditional music. Yisrael plays the Double-Bass, Dulcimer, percussions and Jumbush - a string instrument from Turkey. He composes for theater ballet and film. Borochov has performed with : Stephen Mikus (Germany), Lane Shankar (India), Akikazu Nakamura (Japan), Harold Rubin (Israel), Mishita Susmu and Yasukazu Sato (Japan) and many others all over the world.

At the "International Red Sea Jazz Festival", the "East-West Ensemble" won the first prize for "The Original Composition".
In 1990, the "East-West Ensemble" received the "Histadrut Award of Art" in Tel-Aviv.


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The East West Ensemble
Imaginary Ritual
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