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Latin Music/Cuban Music
premiera polska:
seria wydawnicza: NubeNegra
kontynent: Ameryka Łacińska
kraj: Kuba
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Editor's info:
Marcelino Guerra has created, on Rapindey, what amounts to a history of Cuban music, it represents the best work of a composer and performer who rose from poverty to become a legend and was key in the creation of modern Cuban music. In the 30's, he was successively a member of most of the great musical groups in Havana, mainly as segunda voz (singing harmony with the lead vocalist), while also building a reputation as a songwriter, creating music which has since become classic.
Guerra left Cuba In 1944, never to return, in New York, in the 40's and 50's, he worked with Machito's Afro-Cuban Orchestra and many other groups, all of whom added his compositions to their repertoire. In the seventies, after being away from music for many years, Guerra made a triumphant return on recordings with Rubén Blades. He has lived in Spain for many years, and continued to compose prolifically before he died in 1996. Rapindey presents great music, beautifully performed by a master, and accompanied by some of the greats of Cuban music.

1. Rapindey & Jacqueline Castellanos– Pare Cochero 1:39
2. Rapindey & Reinaldo Hierrezuelo– Arrebatadora 3:16
3. Reinaldo Creagh– Guajiro 3:25
4. Jacqueline Castellanos– Fuiste Cruel 3:45
5. Rapindey– Prietita 1:48
6. Rapindey & Jacqueline Castellanos– A Mi Manera 2:41
7. Rapindey– !Qué Música Más Linda! 3:04
8. Jacqueline Castellanos– Oye Mi Son 3:14
9. Rapindey– Buscando La Melodia 2:59
10. Omara Portuondo– Pobre Cantor 3:46
11. Reinaldo Creagh– Maleficio 3:04
12. Rapindey– Volvi A Querer 1:42
13. Jacqueline Castellanos– Cuando Se Canta Bonito 2:15
14. Rapindey & Omara Portuondo– Convergencia 3:30
15. Rapindey & Reinaldo Hierrezuelo– La Clave Misteriosa 4:39
16. Rapindey– Sandunguera 1:47
17. Jacqueline Castellanos & Reinaldo Hierrezuelo– Me Voy Pa'l Pueblo 3:15

wydano: 1996
nagrano: 1995
more info:



Intuition (DE)
Marcelino Guerra ex-Buena Vista Social Club
Marcelino Guerra w/ Omara Portuondo, Jacqueline Castellanos, Reinaldo Hierrezuelo
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