The Mystery of Mayan Chant

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Muzyka Rytualna / Muzyka Religijna
premiera polska:
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: Meksyk
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Editor's Info:
"Tonana brings us roots Mexico"
The Nation, September 14, 2006, Thailand.

Tonana, one of the most representative contemporary Mexican singers, possesses a beautiful and exceptional voice. In search of the new "Mexican sound," she resorts to musical fusion -- a hybridization to combine popular discourses of rock, blues, jazz and new age with expressions of folkloric and traditional Mexican music. Her sound is modern, brazenly incorporating different instruments and combining them with pre-hispanic Tzotzil, Totonaca, Zapoteco and Nahuatl languages.

The Mystery of Mayan Chant is a compilation album resulting from previous projects by Xquenda, Tonana and Lazos. This new compilation allows us to enjoy the original songs of Juchitán, Oaxaca (Southern Mexico), but it nonetheless calls attention to its own compositions. Musically speaking, it is this combination of an aboriginal poet from Chiapas and a big city artist that results in burning, mystical lyrics to form a sophisticated work of art.

"The mystery of this chant embraces the encounters of our cross-cultural fertilization. I believe México reveals its fascinating world through our ancestors, and the spirit of these cultures is expressed in every single word of these beautiful songs. For me, setting these ancient languages and traditional lyrics to music has been the deepest and richest experience in my artistic path."

1. Chanul Ik'
2. Jununu
3. Tajimol K'anal
4. Vayan Olol Vayan
5. J-Ilol Antz
6. La Juanita
7. Guendanabani Xhianga Sicaru
8. Huada Huiini
9. Xikiyehua In Xochitl
10. Nichim, Uvil
11. La Llorona
12. Makochi Pitentsin
13. Pora Gule

wydano: 2007-01-15
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Milan Records
The Mystery of Mayan Chant
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