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Magdalena Kožená, Musica Antique Praha, Pavel Klikar: Mystery of Early Baroque [5CD]

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Barokowa Muzyka Klasyczna / Canzonas
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When musician and musicologist Pavel Klikar founded his new ensemble, the Musica antiqua Praha, in 1982, it was truly a revelation and a breath of fresh air in the stale atmosphere - not only in terms of music performance - of the country conserved by a totalitarian regime. Klikar would look for, study and reconstruct period instruments, create an archive of scores and convey the magic of Baroque tuning systems to musicians. Previously unknown music of the Italian Early Baroque began to be performed in churches - played on period instruments and sung with purity, humility and lightness, without any impasto layers of quasi-Romantic emotionality. The ensemble was inspired by encounters with important music figures, such as Reinhard Goebel, Christopher Hogwood, Peter Holman and Andrew Parrott. Klikar managed to fascinate and win for his vision extraordinary singers and musicians, who would later found their own ensembles and become established among the best in the world of early music. The MAP recorded five albums for Supraphon with repertoire ranging from the Italian Early Baroque (Grandi, Legrenzi) to the unique treasures preserved at the Kromeriz Archbishop's Archive to sweet and poetic Christmas songs from Czech Baroque hymn books. Although the ensemble no longer exists, there is something timeless in its recordings that does not allow us to think of them as "archival." What still captivates the listener today and offers an ethereal experience is their humility, grace, deep contemplation and breath-taking purity.

Magdalena Kožená (soloist)
Anna Hlavenková (soloist)

Musica Antiqua Praha
Pavel Klikar: direction

Adam Vaclav Michna: Christmas Magnet and Archer
Adam Vaclav Michna: Christmas morning dew
Adam Vaclav Michna: Christmas cradle
Adam Vaclav Michna: Christmas Pleasantry
Alessandro de Poglietti: Sonate a 4 D-Dur & G-Dur
Anonymus: Sonate a 3; Sonata con duobos violinis
Anonymus: Ciaccona a 3 chori
Antonio Bertali: Sonatella quinta a 5
Antonio Bertali: Sonatella quaarta a 5
Bedrich Bridel: Listen, O Christian;
Bedrich Bridel: Visit us, o lovely Child
Giovanni Paolo Cima: Capriccio a 4
Giovani Giacomo Arrtigoni: Vulnerasti cor meum
Alessandro Grandi: Osculetur me
Alessandro Grandi: Venite filii
Alessandro Grandi: O intemerata a 2
Alessandro Grandi: Deus misereatur nostri
Alessandro Grandi: Caecilia; O dulce nomen Jesus
Alessandro Grandi: Sinfonia a 4
Alessandro Grandi: Salvum me fac domine a 2
Alessandro Grandi: Bone Jesu
Alessandro Grandi: Veni sancte spiritus
Alessandro Grandi: O quam speciosa
Andreas Hammerschmidt: Paduan a 5
Henricus Aloysius Brückner: Sonata a 4
Horatio Tarditi: Jesu care
gnatio Donati: In Te Domine speravi
Ignatio Donati: Gaude Maria Virgo
Johann Joseph Flixius: Laudate pueri
Giovanni Legrenzi: Sonata "La Squarzona"
Giovanni Legrenzi: O dilectissime Jesu
Giovanni Legrenzi: Sonata "La Cremona"
Giovanni Legrenzi: Hodie Colletantur
Giovanni Legrenzi: O Vos Qui Inter
Giovanni Legrenzi: Sonata a 5 "La Marinona"
Giovanni Legrenzi: Non Susurate
Giovanni Legrenzi: Sonata a 3 "La Rossetta"
Giovanni Legrenzi: Humili Voce
Giovanni Legrenzi: Sonata Prima a 5
Giovanni Legrenzi: Omnes Gentes
Biagio Marini: Sinfonia "La Martinenga"
Tarquinio Merula: Ego flos campi
Carlo Milanuzzi: Canzon a 5 "La Zorzi"
Giovanni Picchi: Canzon quinta a 2
Giovanni Picchi: Canzon quarta a 2
Salomone Rossi: Sonata detta La Viena in dialogo
Giuseppe Scarani: Sonata prima a 2
Giuseppe Scarani: Sonata terza a 2
Johann Heinrich Schmelzer: Sonata seconda a 5
Johann Heinrich Baletti a 4
Francesco Turini: Sonata prima a 2
Francesco Turini: Desidero Te Millies
Marco Uccelini: Sinfonia seconda a 2
Marco Uccelini: Sinfonia IXX a 4
V. Lamb: Magnificat
Vaclav Karel Holan Rovensky: Fall Asleep, Venerable Rosebud
Vaclav Karel Holan Rovensky: To little Jesus, beloved
Delightful doves of the Ark
When the whole world was described
Wolfgang Ebner: Lautate Dominum omnes gentes I & II
Wolfgang Ebner: Beatus vir

wydano: 3rd May 2024
more info: www.supraphon.com



Supraphon a.s. (CZ)
B.Bridel (1619-80), M.Capuana (1600-47), G.P.Cima (1570-22), A.Hammerschmidt (1611–75), G.Legrenzi (1626-90), B.Marini (1597-65), A.V.Michna (1600-76), G.Picchi (1575-30), S.Rossi (1570-30), V.K.H.Rovenský (1644-18), J.Schmelzer (1623-80), F.Turini
Magdalena Kožená, Musica Antique Praha, Pavel Klikar
Mystery of Early Baroque [5CD]
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