I Disinvolti, Massimo Lombardi: Vulnerasti cor meum. Motets from the Song of Songs

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Klasyczna Muzyka Dawna / Anthems
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“Vulnerasti cor meum ” literally translates as “You have wounded my heart” – which is not only the most classic of amorous metaphors, but also one of the most celebrated to be featured in the Song of Songs . In this, perhaps the greatest love poem in the history of literature, the two central characters of the story exchange promises of love that are pervaded by sensual metaphors and passionate similes verging on the erotic, in a style that lies on the border between the sacred and the secular. Accordingly, a similar blend marks the compositional style of the pieces proposed in this anthology, all based on texts drawn from the famous canticle. In these works, the boundary between motet and madrigal is blurred and impalpable, inviting and inspiring audacious readings that are more characteristic of secular music. After the excellent reviews of their debut recording dedicated to Rigatti (“…the music making of I Disinvolti ’s three male voices and continuo players is exceptional”, David Vickers, Gramophone), this is the second disc of the ensemble I Disinvolti . Included are twelve unfamiliar works, here given world premiere recordings.

I Disinvolti, Massimo Lombardi: direction

Banchieri: Descendi in hortum meum
Banci: Ego flos campi
Donati, I: O Maria dilecta mea
Grandi: O quam tu pulchra es
Leoni, L: Egredimini filiæ Sion
Monteverdi: Ego dormio
Monteverdi: Nigra sum
Monteverdi, G C: Dilectus meus
Patta: Surge propera
Riccio: Tota pulchra es
Rigatti: Surge columba mea
Rovetta: Surge propera
Tarditi: Quam speciosa
Valentini, Giovanni: Vulnerasti cor meum

wydano: 22nd Mar 2024



Arcana (FR)
Adriano Banchieri (1568–1634), Giovanni Banci (XVIIc), Ignazio Donati (1570–1638), Alessandro Grandi (1586–1630), Leone Leoni (1560–1627), C.Monteverdi (1567–1643), Giulio Monteverdi (1573-1631), Serafino Patta (1580-1605), Giovanni Riccio (1609–21)
I Disinvolti, Massimo Lombardi
Vulnerasti cor meum. Motets from the Song of Songs
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