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Michael Spyres, Les Talens Lyriques, Christophe Rousset: In The Shadows - Wagner

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Wokalna Muzyka Klasyczna / Opera Arias
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Editor's info:
The American singer teams up with Les Talens Lyriques and Christophe Rousset to explore some of the operas which influenced Wagner - including works by Méhul, Beethoven, Meyerbeer and Spontini
Michael Spyres is a singer who challenges and reshapes perceptions – as his albums BariTenor and Contra-Tenor have shown. Now, preparing for his debut at the Bayreuth Festival in Summer 2024, he searches In the Shadows to reveal more about Wagner and the origins of his music dramas. “Wagner evokes a varying spectrum of emotions – awe, ecstasy, even trepidation,” explains Spyres. “This album endeavours to illuminate the composers who languish in the shadows, who formed the foundation of Wagner’s compositions and sculpted the framework of vocal writing for the Wagnerian tenor.” In the Shadows culminates with three arias by Wagner – from Lohengrin and the lesser-known Die Feen and Rienzi. Preceding them are early-19th-century arias by composers of the French, German and Italian schools: Méhul, Beethoven, Rossini, Meyerbeer, Weber, Auber, Spontini, Bellini and Marschner. Spyres’s distinguished companions in his exploration are the players of Les Talens Lyriques and their conductor Christophe Rousset.

Gramophone Magazine
this is another fine, fascinating album from an unusually interesting and intelligent artist, handsomely recorded.

Sunday Times * * * *
A fascinating study of works that influenced Wagner…The singing and playing are predictably superb.

The Guardian
In the Shadows travels through Italian bel canto and French grand opera as well as German repertoire…all ideal for Spyres’s gleaming, high-octane voice. His exciting singing, with punchy, crisp playing from Les Talens Lyriques, hits you between the ears.

Michael Spyres (baritenor), Les Talens Lyriques, Le Jeune Choeur de Paris, Christophe Rousset

Auber: Spectacle affreux (from La muette de Portici)
Beethoven: Gott! Welch Dunkel hier! (from Fidelio)
Bellini: Me protegge, me difende (from Norma)
Marschner, H A: Gonne mir ein wort der Liebe (from Hans Heiling)
Méhul: Vainement Pharaon...Champs paternels (from Joseph)
Meyerbeer: Suona funerea (from Il crociato in Egitto)
Rossini: Della cieca fortuna (from Elisabetta Regina d’Inghilterra)
Spontini: Der Strom wälzt ruhig seine dunklen Wogen (from Agnes von Hohenstaufen)
Wagner: Allmächt'ger Vater, blick herab! (from Rienzi)
Wagner: Mein lieber Schwan (from Lohengrin)
Wagner: Wo find ich dich, wo wird mir Trost (from Die Feen)
Weber: Nein, Länger Trag Ich Nicht (from Der Freischütz)

wydano: 1st Mar 2024
more info: www.erato.com



Erato Disques
R.Wagner (1813–83), D.Auber (1782–1871), Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827), V.Bellini (1801–35), H.Marschner (1795–1861), É.Méhul (1763–1817), G.Meyerbeer (1791–1864), G.Rossini (1792–1868), G.Spontini (1774–1851)
Michael Spyres, Les Talens Lyriques, Christophe Rousset
In The Shadows - Wagner
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