Dreamstruck - Marilyn Crispell, Joe Fonda, Harvey Sorgen: With Grace In Mind

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: Gatefoldowe etui

Editor's Info:
Officially taking their group name from the title of their first album, The Dreamstruck trio of Marilyn Crispell on piano, Joe Fonda on bass and Harvey Sorgen on drums are heard in this innately lyrical and masterfully controlled, concise set of studio recordings, with compositions from each performer and two collective improvisations, a remarkable example of the modern piano trio.

"Through many years of touring and recording, Marilyn Crispell, Joe Fonda, and Harvey Sorgen have left indelible marks on the history of jazz and improvised music, having performed and created work with a veritable who’s who of the national and international contemporary improvised music scenes since 1978. Paul Motion, Wadada Leo Smith, Anthony Braxton, Barry Altschul, Dave Douglas, Gary Peacock, Brenda Bufalino, Karl Berger, Ahmad Jamal, and a host of others have had the good fortune to make connections to these three.
With their second release, With Grace In Mind (FSR), the trio have realized their commitment to the music as only an in-tune collective can, finding strength in melody, the rhythm of nature, and harmony." -

Marilyn Crispell - Piano
Joe Fonda - Bass
Harvey Sorgen - Drums

1. A Moment in the Shade - 1:09
2. For Ornette 4:36
3. MGJ - 3:15
4. We All Make Mistakes -7:24
5. Drums(s) - 2:53
6. With Grace In Mind - 2:36
7. Transits - 6:28
8. Midnight - 4:28
9. GS#2 - 7:41
10. Speak Up - 2:47
11. Gary’s Tune - 4:47

wydano: August 26, 2022
nagrano: Recorded June 26, 2021 by Dave Cook at Area 52 Studios. Saugerties, NY



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Dreamstruck - Marilyn Crispell, Joe Fonda, Harvey Sorgen
With Grace In Mind
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