Ben LaMar Gay, Sam Pluta, Sophie Agnel, Pascal Niggenkemper: Pang!

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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opakowanie: Gatefoldowe etui
The "Bridge Sessions" was created in 2013 as an exchange programme of creative musicians from France and the United States (primarily Chicago) to participate in festivals on the other continent and to perform as newly assembled quartets and quintets of French and American musicians. The project was initiated and led by Alexandre Pierrepont, Johan Saint and Nader Beizaei. The rules of the game are described as follows: "The Bridge associates nearly 150 French and North American musicians (75 per cycle, one cycle lasting seven years), divided into quartets and quintets. This long list respects the sociological diversity of the jazz field: men and women of all generations and backgrounds, who will be brought together, one after another, configuration after configuration. And its aesthetic diversity: music as a means of expression and as a means of experimentation, music as a domain of possibility. All of them show invaluable capacities to share their knowledge and craft, both on- and off-stage."
This is already the sixteenth album of the initiative, with Ben LaMar Gay on cornet, vocals, electronics and percussion, Sam Pluta on live electronics, Sophie Agnel on piano, and Pascal Niggenkemper on double bass.
The four tracks were recorded during concerts in four French cities between May and October 2021, and they show the value of the initiative. The music is beyond category, and also preciously organised by the label. Even if the four tracks were created as separate pieces, they form a relative coherent unity on the album with an interesting sense of development.
The sound is eerie and ethereal. The long first track, fifteen minutes long, consists of shimmering sounds, of the acoustic bass and the inside of the piano, complemented by the electronics of Pluta and LaMar Gay. The latter sings, and gradually a theme emerges, gently supported by the piano, slowly developing into something denser and strange, and it is only after eleven minutes that the cornet appears as the first solo instrument.
The second track is as mysterious as the first one. The electronics weave a translucent soundscape that seems not to really evolve until Agnel adds a few dramatic piano chords, well-paced, with lots of space in between, ominous and dark. LaMar Gay starts with his typical vocal incantations, alternating between the hypnotic and playful, echoed by his own cornet.
I will not review every track, because I'm sure you get the gist. The four musicians create an astonishing and excellent album, solid, compelling and utterly strange.
This album alone justifies the whole initiative of The Bridge: it helps to create brilliant new work by bringing musicians together, almost in an artificial way, so that the bouncing off of new ideas and approaches can lead to something never heard before.
By Stef Gijssels
PANG! is an international quartet of improvisors drawing from jazz, noise, hip hop, synth pop, extended technique, and instrumental traditions. Comprised of Americans Ben Lamar Gay (cornet, vocals, electronics) and Sam Pluta (laptop and analog synth) alongside French bassist Pascal Niggenkemper and pianist Sophie Angel, the group breaks boundaries by fusing elements of sound into futurist configurations. The instruments are played, prepared, tampered with, amplified, filtered, recorded, and thrown back into the mix only to be mangled and regurgitated again and again.

Sarah Hughes is a performing and visual artist currently living in Washington, DC. She has 26 years of experience playing the alto saxophone and also doubles on the soprano saxophone, flute, and clarinet. She received training in classical saxophone performance from Dale Underwood at the University of Maryland, College Park, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in music education in 2008. In 2015, Hughes earned a master’s degree in jazz saxophone performance from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, where she studied with Jerry Bergonzi, Ran Blake, Anthony Coleman, and Donny McCaslin. Hughes’ music is intuitive and genre-liberated while displaying an unquestionable command of her instrument and musical vocabulary. Her improvisations and compositions are infused with knowledge of both traditional and contemporary approaches and combine a love for “The Greats” with a drive to innovate.

Ben LaMar Gay: cornet, vocal, electronics, percussion
Sam Pluta: live electronics
Sophie Agnel: piano
Pascal Niggenkemper: double bass

1. PANG of conscience 15:02
2. PANG of emotion 14:17
3. PANG of satisfaction 11:19
4. PANG of the unthinking 05:09

Track 1 recorded at La Malterie, Lille
by Peter Orins: 07/05/21

Track 2 recorded at Jazz à Luz: Festival d’altitude en Pays Toy ,Luz-Saint-Sauveur
by Niko Carrière- 07/10/21

Track 3 recorded at Le Périscope, Lyon
by Colin Lequeu: 07/07/21

Track 4 recorded at La Dynamo, Pantin
by Baptiste Duflot: 07/06/21

wydano: April 14, 2023
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The Bridge Sessions (USA)
Ben LaMar Gay, Sam Pluta, Sophie Agnel, Pascal Niggenkemper
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