Simon Nabatov 3+2: Verbs

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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Editor's Info:
Verbs in and by themselves are substantival and have significance, for he who uses such expressions arrests the hearer’s mind...
(Aristotle, On Interpretation)
Language becomes a spellbinding repository for intoxicating revelation and cryptic imagery on Verbs, the latest full-length from the remarkable Russian-American pianist Simon Nabatov, a stunning release augmenting his already notable Clean Feed catalogue including this year’s Tender Mercies with German reedist Frank Gratkowski.
Spearheading his augmented Cologne-based 3+2 quintet, featuring new recruits Leonhard Huhn and Phillip Zoubek, alongside familiar trio members Stefan Schönegg and Dominik Mahnig, Nabatov interprets a series of urging semantics as programmatic springboards for glorious spontaneous invention, a lexical calls-to-arms instigating disparate, virtuosic responses; titular signifiers doubling-up as mood-indicators, signalling variances in tempo, pitch, tone and timbre.
Each of the album’s seven dynamic cuts – all collective improvisations, with the exception of Nabatov’s ‘Breathe’ – harbours an enigmatic sting in the tale,
the quintet scrying for inscrutable layers of additional meaning behind their original impetus, setting in motion a succession of curve-balling epiphanies, alternating between splendid repose and febrile animation.
From the flickering embers of the plaintively purring ‘Prayer’ and hyper-kinetic, fragmented urgency of ‘Race’, to ‘Evolve’’s mangled retro-futurist bustle and the tentative blooms of the shuffling, ever-ripening ‘Reveal’, Nabatov and his fearless crew of cryptographers set out their mystery-laden credos like a kabbalistic bill-of-fare to be incrementally decoded with each successive listen.

Leonhard Huhn: alto saxophone, clarinet
Philip Zoubek: synthesizers
Simon Nabatov: piano
Stefan Schönegg: double bass
Dominik Mahnig: drums

1. Pray 09:04
2. Race 08:25
3. Reveal 07:21
4. Breathe 08:02
5. Converge 11:55
6. Evolve 05:50
7. Float 04:18

wydano: October 20, 2023
nagrano: Recorded October 1, 2022, at the LOFT, Cologne, Germany

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Clean Feed (POR)
Simon Nabatov 3+2
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