Miha Gantar: Amsterdam [5CD]

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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Editor's Info:
I’m pleased to be given the opportunity to listen to the creative work of Miha Gantar. From the first note, I find his work a fresh sound not heard before. This is definitely not music that one is up to hear without realizing that the selections here encourage you to continue to the next sections, like being anxious to be going on to a next chapter of an engrossing book. Gantar has surrounded himself with like-minded musicians, who seem to be on the same plane of thought as he is, which is a natural ingredient for great and spontaneous creativity. I’m impressed with Gantar’s intelligent use of precious silent moments. The need to contemplate and evaluate the musical thoughts which are never to be heard the same way again. This is an important, and might I say, rare quality, experience within the artist who has developed oneself to the point of being qualified to receive those important messages from the universe. To the listener: take time to hear all selections before settling with Gantar’s “Portrait of Imaginary” and notice the intervals he has chosen, as he created this particular work. Kudos to Dré A. Hočevar to create conditions and encouraging musicians; to - be - know – believe in their God-given gift.
by Reggie Workman

Miha Gantar Trio - Reaching For The Infinite:
Miha Gantar piano
Nick Dunston double bass
Tristan Renfrow drums

Miha Gantar Quintet - Passage:
Miha Gantar piano
Runa Kimura violin
Teresa Martínez Diago violin
Lorenzo Titolo Duchini viola
Diana Sanz Pascual cello

Miha Gantar Duo - Common Orbits:
Michael Moore alto sax and clarinet
Miha Gantar piano

Miha Gantar Piano Duo - Inner Discourse:
Miha Gantar Piano
Ratnag Ahim Piano

Miha Gantar Solo - Stasis Temporis:
Miha Gantar Piano

1. Miha Gantar Trio - Reaching For The Infinite 48:02

12. Miha Gantar Quintet - Dream Sequence No. 7: Passage 41:57

1. Miha Gantar Duo - Introduction 06:49
2. Miha Gantar Duo - Tempestoso 03:12
3. Miha Gantar Duo - Common Orbits 02:37
4. Miha Gantar Duo - Inside Out 05:26
7. Miha Gantar Duo - Ballad 04:07
6. Miha Gantar Duo - Memory Scatter 05:08
7. Miha Gantar Duo - The Birth of Light 06:44
8. Miha Gantar Duo - Chant 03:33
9. Miha Gantar Duo - Celestial Dance 05:16
10. Miha Gantar Duo - Fragments of the Sublime 04:57
11. Miha Gantar Duo - Rondo 07:40
11. Miha Gantar Duo - Amsterdam Stride 07:01
11. Miha Gantar Duo - Quantum Leaps 03:32
12. Miha Gantar Duo - Postlude 02:45

1. Miha Gantar Piano Duo - Inner Discourse 31:40

1. Miha Gantar Solo - Stasis Temporis 39:55

wydano: October 20, 2023
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